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By Drew Bryant
November 9th, 2023,

Roger Barrera from QVO Tactical using the Wing

Antimatter Industries is known for making innovative products and thinking outside the box. First, the company challenged the idea of what a scope mount is with the ScopeSwitch. Now, Antimatter is challenging our preconceived concepts of what can be applied to a pistol. Antimatter Industries is proud to introduce the Wing.

In the competitive shooting world, thumb ledges have been used to aid in recoil control. Thumb ledges typically widen your pistol profile and result in the shooter buying a custom holster to accommodate this. The Wing replaces your Surefire x300 Picatinny side lug or Micro Wing-compatible TLR7 Sub. Once drawn from your IWB or OWB, the Wing auto-deploys, providing you a ledge to help reduce recoil.

Below, is the product description for the Wing from Antimatter Industries.

Product Description

Competitive shooters have been using thumb-ledges for many years to help recoil control. Why don’t we see them outside of open division? Standard thumb ledges significantly widen your pistol and require a competition holster not designed for duty use.

The Wing replaces your Surefire x300 picatinny side lug. Once you draw, it auto-deploys, letting you control recoil while still using your IWB or Safariland holster. With a little practice, you’ll get it to collapse consistently with a one-handed re-holster. It’s pretty instinctive.

Pistol Compatibility:

This version is not compatible with many pistols, such as Glock. Please check the compatibility list before purchasing! More versions coming soon.

Light Compatibility:

Any flat head cross-bolt Surefire x300 models, Standard, Ultra, Turbo BUY HERE!

IMPORTANT: Does not work with QD “A” variants. If it doesn’t have a large side bolt, it won’t work!

Holster Compatibility:

Works with most Safariland Duty Holsters. Many kydex holsters work well without adjustment. Some kydex holsters that are a little tight can be easily modified to work.


Users do not need to adjust their current grip. The thumb lands naturally on the Wing; however, the Wing does work best with a thumb forward grip, locking out the support wrist. The further forward your thumb, the more leverage and the more you’ll mitigate recoil. The same principle applies to c-clamping your rifle. Getting out towards the muzzle gives maximum leverage to control the muzzle.

Made For Duty:

Designed and machined in the USA from 7075 T6, The Wing can take a serious beating. Because of the design, it will usually fold when dropped, mitigating the impact. Check out the Torture Test Video.


It only takes about 60 seconds and you don’t need a gunsmith or special tools. Watch the installation video here.

The new Wing from Antimatter Industries is available now from the Surefire X300/X400 B Mod or the Micro-Wing for the TLR7 Sub. The two Wings retail for $119 MSRP and are available now on the company’s website.

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