Antimatter Industries Unveils the New Kompat Holster To The World

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By Drew Bryant
March 26th, 2024,

Antimatter Industries has been making waves in the firearms industry with its groundbreaking products, from the successful ScopeSwitch to the innovative Antimatter Wing. Now, Antimatter Industries is thrilled to introduce its latest creation to the market: the new Kompat Holster.

This next-generation IWB holster is specifically designed for everyday carry, offering a smaller, lighter, and more comfortable option for users. The Kompat boasts a 20-40% reduction in size compared to traditional IWB holsters with mag caddies. Its mag caddy serves dual purposes, functioning as a quick-detach mag/tourniquet carrier, allowing users to carry essential items as they see fit. Additionally, Antimatter’s Kompat features a Discreet Carry steel belt clip with an adjustable claw for optimal retention.

Antimatter QD Mag Caddy

Built specifically for the TLR-7b Sub flashlight, the Kompat can be used with or without the Antimatter Wing. Its topographic design etched into the Kydex adds a stylish finishing touch. The Kompat is available in three options tailored to the most popular micro-compact pistol models: P365 series, G43x/G48, and Springfield Hellcat.

Currently, the Kompat is sold out on Antimatter’s website, with prices ranging from $99 to $119 depending on whether you choose the QD caddy option. If you’re interested in acquiring this sleek new holster, head over to their website for more information.

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