Beretta Unleashes A New Tiger Stripe Variant Of The PMX PCC

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By Drew Bryant
March 12th, 2024,

Beretta’s PMX, originally designed for military and law enforcement agencies around the globe, Beretta has refined the platform and released a semi-automatic version for civilians. Now, Beretta is offering the PMX in a new Tiger Stripe variant.

This direct blowback design incorporates modern polymer components for durability and weight reduction. With fully ambidextrous controls, multiple QD attachment points, and a threaded barrel, the PMX offers versatility and functionality as a platform. Below, are the product overview and key features of the Beretta PMX for a more detailed look into Beretta’s subgun/PCC.

Product Overview

AFTER YEARS OF REFINEMENT of the PMX for military and law enforcement agencies around the globe, the PMXs has been translated into a semi-automatic pistol variant for civilian and modern sporting applications. The PMXs is a highly reliable and proven direct blow-back design, coupled with modern polymer components to enhance durability and save weight. Packed with versatile features such as fully ambidextrous controls for user adaptability, multiple attachment points such as QD and sling mounts, and a ½” x 28 tpi threaded barrel for accepting 9mm muzzle devices. Built for reliability, durability, and performance demanded by NATO qualifications, PMXs is one of the most adaptive pistol platforms that guarantees performance in any operating environment. The Beretta PMXs comes with two 30-round magazines.

Key Features

Built from a heritage of durability and reliability that have passed NATO quality standards, the PMXs has been adapted to a semi-automatic variant.

Fully ambidextrous controls with multiple QD and MIL-STD mounting interfaces and has four Picatinny rails at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock to allow the mounting of a wide range of accessories.

Cold hammer-forged 6.9” barrel with ½” x 28 tpi thread pitch for attaching muzzle devices.

Compact design with high-strength polymer reduces weight while increasing durability for an agile solution for any operating environment.

Available as a limited-edition Tiger Stripe variant, the Beretta PMX is sold online and at authorized Beretta retailers for $1399 MSRP. Offering a lightweight and versatile PCC, the PMX is adaptable to various roles, making it a valuable addition to any end user.

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