Brownells Expands BRN-180 Lineup with New Barrel Lengths: Modern Evolution of the AR-180 Continues

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By Drew Bryant
August 27th, 2023,

Brownells, a trailblazer in the firearms industry, continues to redefine retro rifles with their successful series of BRN-180 firearms. Building on the triumph of modernizing the AR-180 with the BRN-180, Brownells has taken another leap forward by introducing new barrel lengths to its lineup. With a strong emphasis on collaboration and innovation, the BRN-180 remains a beacon of performance, reliability, and historical homage.

In partnership with PWS and FM Products, Brownells’ introduction of 13.9” and 14.5” barrel lengths to the BRN-180 series adds a new layer of versatility and adaptability. These new barrel lengths serve as a response to the evolving needs of firearm enthusiasts, offering options that cater to different shooting scenarios and preferences.

While the BRN-180 retains the essence of its predecessor, it’s the subtle improvements that make a remarkable impact. Designed with the user experience in mind, the BRN-180 introduces enhancements that elevate both performance and reliability. As the legacy of the AR-180 evolves into the modern age, Brownells ensures that the BRN-180 remains a symbol of innovation and respect for the past.

Here’s the official product description from Brownells regarding the new BRN-180 additions:

Product Description

Designed in conjunction with PWS & FM Products, the Brownells BRN-180S® Complete Upper Receiver is the newest iteration of the BRN-180® Upper Receiver, which was inspired by the Armalite® AR-180 of the 1960s. The BRN-180S® shares a large chunk of components with the BRN-180® but introduces key features to improve reliability and usability in a short configuration.

With an entirely self-contained recoil system, the BRN-180® can be mounted to lower receivers without a buffer tube. This allows for easy compatibility with folding stocks and rear picatinny adapters. Recoil guide rods and buffer easily remove from the rear when removing the upper receiver from the lower. Bolt and carrier easily slide out when removing the charging handle at the rear. Large ejection port allows for ease of access for cleaning.

Lightweight barrel profile sits inside the slim handguard, making for an extremely lightweight package, even with the piston driven system. Top picatinny rail sits extremely low compared to other piston systems, allowing for broad compatibility with common AR-15 height optic mounts and sights. Barrels feature a 223 Wylde chamber to function with the broadest spectrum of 223 Remington and 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition.

Barrels do not come with a muzzle device. This allows for ease of installation of your preferred muzzle device, which is handy to reach an OAL of 16 inches for pined and welded devices of your preference.

Free float MLOK handguard is free floated, and can easily be removed with one large screw located on the bottom of the receiver. This screw engages the rear of the barrel, pulling the handguard tight up against the receiver. Easily removed handguard allows for quick access to the BRN-180® gas system.

Gas plug has two settings:

U = Unsuppressed

S = Suppressed

• Ultra-reliable AR-180 piston operating system Compatible with current mil-spec AR-15 lowers

• Machined 7075 T6 aluminum receiver & handguard – hardcoat anodized finish

• 13.9” or 14.5” Nitride Finished Barrel

• .223 Wylde chamber

• Button rifled bore

• 1-8″ twist for both the 223 Wylde

• ½”-28 threaded muzzle for 223 Wylde

• Molded polymer ejection port cover

• All NFA rules apply

For those eager to experience the improved performance and enhanced versatility of the BRN-180 with the new barrel lengths, the complete uppers will be available for $849.99 MSRP. This competitive pricing makes the BRN-180 series accessible to enthusiasts who seek the perfect blend of historical inspiration and contemporary performance.

Brownells’ expansion of the BRN-180 lineup with new barrel lengths solidifies their commitment to providing firearm enthusiasts with modernized classics that honor the past while embracing the future. With collaborative efforts, thoughtful enhancements, and competitive pricing, the BRN-180 series stands as a testament to Brownells’ ability to combine history, innovation, and practicality in one exceptional package.

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