B&T USA Announces A Limited Run Of APC9K SD2 To The Civilian Market

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By Drew Bryant
August 18th, 2023, theloadoutblog.com

B&T is known for making robust, reliable, and precise firearms, suppressors, and accessories. The company’s Swiss roots of precision and mechanical excellence shine through its entire lineup of unique products. Recently, its American subsidiary B&T USA announced the limited run of APC9K SD2. The B&T APC9K SD2 is a suppressed submachine gun with a scalable suppression system.

The APC9K SD2 was a part of the US Army’s Sun Compact Weapon Program. As a part of the contract, the weapon system featured a scalable suppression system. Ultimately, B&T was victorious over five other manufacturers’ submissions for the contract. The APC9K was selected, and B&T was awarded an initial order of 350 firearms back in 2019.

Below is a press release from B&T USA on the limited run of APC9K SD2 with a scalable suppressor system.

Press Release

B&T USA is excited to announce that due to continual requests by those familiar with the project, we have been persuaded to produce a limited number of integrally suppressed APC9K SD2 models complete with its scalable suppressor system. This variant was submitted for consideration during the United States Army Sub Compact Weapon (SCW) trials, with said branch ultimately selecting B&T USA’s APC9K and awarding it the SCW Contract.

“To win a US Government contract, you must submit a product that as closely meets their defined specifications as possible — not necessarily what you think the end user needs or even a product that is scalable to best suit its future needs — as was the case with the SD2; the advanced platform was not what the Army required in 2019, but one we anticipate it may in the future,” said Chris Mudgett, Vice President of Marketing, B&T USA.

“At less than 15 inches in overall length, the APC9K SD2 is the shortest integrally suppressed submachine gun currently available. It is optimized for low-visibility carriage and discreet deployment; while delivering unsurpassed accuracy, controllability, and ergonomics. With its advanced, scalable suppressor system, the SD2 is a solution for your future mission.

Stay tuned for more information on the limited run of APC9K SD2 from Swiss manufacturer B&T. For more about B&T and its outstanding products, click here.

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