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By Drew Bryant
August 22nd, 2023,

Over the last couple of years, CZ has been keeping a closely guarded secret from prying eyes. During this time, engineers, designers, and shooters have meticulously designed and refined the newest entry into the beloved CZ Shadow lineup. In the past, there have been whispers and conjectures that CZ might be introducing something new to the lineup. The community speculated and hoped CZ would make Shadow 2 in a compact form factor. Now, that dream has come to fruition. CZ USA is proud to announce the CZ Shadow 2 Compact.

The Shadow 2 Compact is a smaller, lighter, compact, optics-ready version of the highly successful CZ Shadow 2. The Shadow 2 Compact features an aluminum frame versus the heavier steel frame of the Shadow 2. That weight reduction will make it easier to carry for long periods and won’t weigh down your belt line while concealed carrying. The pistol also features a clean and crisp single/double action trigger, front and rear slide serrations, adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front, and an optics-ready slide.

The DNA of the Shadow 2 and the CZ-75 platform it’s based on. The Shadow 2 Compact features the same low-bore axis as its predecessor. This lower bore axis allows for a flatter shooting firearm with a better return to zero to enable quick follow-up shots and tracking of your sights.

Below are the press release, features, and specs from CZ USA on the new Shadow 2 Compact. The press release highlights the time, effort, and passion put into this new pistol by CZ.

Press Release

A new measure of pure performance

In its quest to put a world-class performer in the hands of shooters who want a sport pistol that’s easier to handle and carry, CZ introduces the CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT. A smaller, lighter, optics-ready version of CZ’s full-size flagship sport pistol – the CZ SHADOW 2.

DNA of a world champion

Sport shooters around the world are familiar with the highly celebrated CZ SHADOW 2, a full-size sport pistol used by numerous IPSC competitors to win world championship titles in the Production and Production Optics divisions, such as nine-time IPSC world champion Eric Grauffel. Although a highly accurate and easy-to-handle pistol on the shooting range and in competitions, the larger dimensions and weight of a full-size steel frame did not make it a good choice for all-day carry. But this was soon to change…

Planting the seeds for a new kind of compact

CZ-USA Product Manager Rich Huff first came up with the idea to create the CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT in October 2021. His goal was to have the same world-class design, accuracy, handling, and controls as on the full-size CZ SHADOW 2, but in a smaller form factor. He wanted more shooters to have access to the highest performance CZ offers in its handguns while away from the shooting range and competitions.

Once CZ made the decision to move forward with this new model, the baton for its design and development was passed to one of CZ’s designers, Jiri Tichy. Tichy boldly took the reins and led the R&D team in making sure this new pistol would fully live up to the CZ SHADOW 2 name. Development was completed in May 2023 with a production trial run, followed by its worldwide release in August 2023.

Thanks to the active contributions of these two important figures, the CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT was brought into the CZ portfolio and is now available on the world market. Sadly, Huff passed away back in February 2022 at just 48 old, so he did not live to see the completion of the project and the launch of this new model – but we are sure he would have loved it!

The same distinctive fit as the CZ SHADOW 2

Although the new CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT is a smaller and much lighter version of the original, it retains the key competition-proven features, accuracy and handling that made its big brother so popular among elite sport shooters and contributed to its status as a world championship firearm.

Its light, compact frame is forged from highly durable 7075 aluminum alloy, making it the perfect choice for all day carry, as well as concealed carry. With a butter smooth trigger and shortened reset, quick and accurate shots are a matter of course. The slide comes with two pairs of front and rear cocking serrations for slip-free cocking, and the rear of the slide is equipped with an extremely low and robust mounting interface for attachment of a red dot sight. In fact, its mounting interface is identical to what is found on the CZ SHADOW 2 OR model and is compatible with the same mounting plates. But even without mounted optics, quick target acquisition is ensured by its highly visible red fiber optic front sight and height-adjustable rear sight, which can also be adjusted laterally.

The advanced ergonomics of the CZ SHADOW 2 series are not lost on the CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT, so you can look forward to the same extreme shooting comfort and control that has won many championships around the world. Both left- and right-handed shooters will be equally at home with handling, thanks to its ambidextrous manual safety and reduced height magazine release button that can be swapped from side-to-side. An accessory rail on its dust cover allows for the easy mounting of a light or other devices, and checkering on its aluminum grips are the same as on the full-size CZ SHADOW 2 model.

Competition-proven performance that is always close at hand.

With the release of the new CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT, CZ allows shooters to have the full performance of its top shelf, championship series always within reach: all day, every day.

The CZ Shadow 2 Compact is poised to shake up the stagnant hammer-fired pistol market. For years Staccato(formerly known as STI) dominated the market with the Staccato P, Staccato CS, and C2 pistols. With the introduction of the Shadow C2 Compact, consumers have a great choice with the fantastic pedigree behind it.



• Forged 7075 aluminum frame is compact and durable

• Smooth trigger pull and shortened reset

• Exceptionally low and secure OR (Optics-Ready) interface

• Fiber optic front sight for extreme visibility and increased shooting accuracy

• Height adjustable rear sight for easy aiming

• Low-profile ambidextrous manual safety

• Interchangeable low-profile magazine release button


CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT Specifications:

• Caliber: 9 × 19

• Magazine Capacity: 15

• Weight with empty magazine: 30 oz. / 1.8 lbs (870 ±5 g)

• Overall Length: 7.5 in (191 mm)

• Width: 1.4 in (35 mm)

• Height: 5.4 in (138 mm)

• Barrel Length: 4 in (102 mm)

• Barrel: Cold Hammer Forged

• Sights: Fiber Optic Front, Checkered Rear

• Action: DA/SA

• Trigger Pull: SA 3.4, DA 10.3 lbs (SA 15, DA 46 N)

• Trigger Travel: SA 0.11, DA 0.19 in (SA 3–4, DA 5 mm)

• Trigger Reset: 0.11–0.15 in (3–4 mm)

• Frame: Aluminum Alloy

• Grips: Aluminum

• Safety: Manual Safety, Safety Notch On The Hammer

Unfortunately, as of right now, no price for the CZ Shadow 2 Compact has been announced. If this Shadow comes in at the cost of a Staccato C2 or less, I predict it will bite into the margins of Staccato’s successful monopoly on that market.

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