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By Drew Bryant
February 29th, 2024,

Antimatter Industries, a sister company of the creative team at Flux Defense, consistently endeavors to enhance weapons’ capabilities and value. Last year, Antimatter unveiled their Scopeswitch optic mounting system, enabling users to effortlessly adjust magnification without compromising their grip. This innovation enables users to maintain focus on the target or threat while preparing for subsequent engagements. The initial release of the product showcased a commendable blend of conceptualization, design, and execution, promising to enhance shooters’ effectiveness in various scenarios.

However, the Scopeswitch faced criticism for its limitations, including its demand for rail space, complex assembly process, and stiffness of the pulley system. Undeterred, the Antimatter team embraced these lessons, aspiring to refine and advance the product. At Shot Show 2024, Antimatter astounded the audience with the next iteration of the Scopeswitch system—the electronic Scopeswitch. At Range Day 2024, I seized the opportunity to explore both the original and electronic Scopeswitch systems, comparing and contrasting their experiences to gain deeper insights into their capabilities.

The Original Scopeswitch

Upon visiting the Flux Defense Range booth, I encountered the O.G. Scopeswitch mount. My initial impressions were overwhelmingly positive; the mount exuded robustness and durability, consistent with Antimatter’s assurances of reliability. Its sturdy construction suggested resilience against harsh conditions, instilling confidence in its longevity. Additionally, the mount’s sleek design effectively conceals the bulk of the operating system, maintaining a visually appealing aesthetic. It’s a well-conceived platform that prioritizes both functionality and elegance.

Before engaging with the rifles, I tested the Scopeswitch with various optics. I was impressed by the smoothness of the system’s operation, facilitating seamless zooming without disrupting the shooting platform. However, the system’s smoothness came with a caveat—it required considerable strength to adjust the magnification, varying depending on the optic’s stiffness. Despite this, shooting with the Scopeswitch proved intuitive and enjoyable, significantly enhancing the rifle’s usability and versatility.

The Electronic Scopeswitch

The Electronic Scopeswitch represents a remarkable evolution of the platform within a short timeframe. Antimatter’s thoughtful refinements have substantially improved the system’s usability and functionality. By integrating the pulley system into the scope mount itself, the E-Scopeswitch achieves a more compact profile, albeit at the expense of increased bulkiness. Nevertheless, this trade-off is justifiable considering the enclosed pulley system’s benefits. Moreover, the system’s reduced footprint minimizes rail space consumption, allowing for easier integration of additional accessories like lights and lasers without compromising the rifle’s configuration.

Equipped with two USB-C ports, the E-Scopeswitch offers enhanced versatility and convenience. The buttons on the switch provide a satisfying tactile feedback, ensuring a seamless user experience. Moreover, the open USB-C port can serve dual purposes, facilitating the charging of external devices or powering supplemental equipment, adding another layer of functionality to the system.

During operation, the E-Scopeswitch exhibits unparalleled smoothness, with negligible input delay between button activation and scope adjustment. The absence of image distortion or disruption during zooming further underscores the system’s reliability and performance. Shooting with the E-Scopeswitch remains a gratifying experience, enabling effortless target-to-target transitions without compromising grip or stability.

In conclusion, the evolution from the original Scopeswitch to the electronic variant represents a significant leap forward in optic mounting technology. Antimatter’s relentless pursuit of innovation and refinement has resulted in a product that not only addresses previous limitations but also sets a new standard for usability and performance in the field.

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