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By Drew Bryant
February 28th, 2024,

Flux Defense is well-known for creating the innovative MP17 chassis for the SIG MP17/18 and P320 series of pistols back in 2019. The MP17 chassis took the industry by storm and instantly gained popularity for its innovation, design, and functionality. It revolutionized how SIG’s modular technology could elevate and transform the pistol into a new platform with enhanced capabilities. Rather than resting on their laurels, the team at Flux diligently worked to develop and refine the MP17 platform, resulting in the Flux Raider a year later. The Raider introduced new features including enhanced ergonomics, a flared magwell, a new slide release, and an ambidextrous safety with a dual mag release system. Just days before Shot Show 2024, Flux teased the next evolution of the chassis – this time for the SIG P365 platform. Social media buzzed with excitement to learn more about Flux’s newest brainchild – the Flux Raider 365. At Shot Show 2024, I had the opportunity to spend extensive time with the new platform and speak with Flux Defense owners to learn more about this exciting addition.

The Flux Raider 365

The Flux Raider 365 features a lightweight aluminum chassis, an upgrade from the previous polymer version. The new Raider 365 feels sturdy in hand, with a pistol grip featuring a knurling pattern to enhance grip while shooting. The chassis not only feels robust but is also able to handle any abuse or drops the platform could endure. The overall platform and layout resemble its predecessor, the Flux Raider, featuring excellent ergonomic design, a slide release, ambidextrous safety, and a dual mag release. Additionally, the new chassis features a spring-loaded brace that snaps into place with the push of a button, ensuring the manual of arms remains the same, condensed into a smaller platform. Raider users will not have to learn a new manual of arms, which is remarkable.

Blast Shield & Barrel

The new Raider 365 introduces unique features, namely the blast shield and barrel. Given the compact design of the P365, considerations had to be made. With various pistol lengths in the P365 platform, Flux Defense created a 6-inch barrel and Blast Shield for shorter barrel versions of the P365 series of pistols. The blast Shield also allows for resting the support hand in a comfortable position, addressing a thoughtful solution by Flux to alleviate tightness on the platform.

Shooting The Flux Raider 365

At Range Day during Shot Show 2024, I had the opportunity to shoot two variations of the Flux Raider 365: the blast shield version with the 6-inch barrel and a suppressed model. Both pistols performed exceptionally well. Let’s examine how each variation shot.

First, the blast shield version of the Flux Raider P365 felt natural and intuitive, reminiscent of shooting a compact 9mm PDW platform. The recoil impulse was smooth, allowing for rapid follow-up shots and quicker target acquisition, even at a distance. However, the AK-47 style trigger slap present in this build was noticeable, which I communicated to the Flux team for resolution. Overall, the shooting experience was smooth and enjoyable.

Next, the suppressed variant of the Raider 365 was a dream to shoot. It was quiet with both super and subsonic ammunition, exhibiting minimal muzzle rise and facilitating easy target transitions with minimal sight-to-target deviation. The suppressor minimized blowback and trigger slap, providing a wonderful shooting experience and becoming my preferred variant of the Raider 365.

Final Thoughts

The Flux Defense Raider P365 is an innovative firearm accessory that elevates the popular P365 series to new heights. This chassis expands the capabilities of the pistol, allowing users to transform their micro-compact pistol into a lightweight and compact PDW for on-the-go use. Flux is collaborating with Kydex manufacturers to create an IWB holster for this platform, enabling concealed carry if desired. It’s a perfect bag gun for smaller bags and totes, potentially fitting into a larger fanny pack. This platform can greatly enhance self-defense options strategically. While some may view it as gimmicky or unnecessary, I believe the Raider 365 will create a paradigm shift in the SIG P365 platform market, pushing others to innovate. Its success remains to be seen, but I am optimistic about its potential impact.

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