Henry Debuts 100th Anniversary Border Patrol Commemorative Rifles

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By Drew Bryant
February 20th, 2024, theloadoutblog.com

Henry Repeating Arms proudly debuts a new series of commemorative lever-action rifles for the 100th Anniversary of the U.S. Border Patrol. Both the centerfire Big Boy and rimfire Golden Boy will be available. These commemorative rifles will only be accessible to current or past Border Patrol agents or Customs & Border Protection employees. A portion of the sale of each gun will support the Border Patrol Museum.

There are four rifles as part of this commemorative series. Customers can choose between a .22LR Golden Boy or .357 Magnum Big Boy lever-action rifles. The Golden Boy is compatible with .22 short and long cartridges, while the Big Boy will accept .38 Special ammunition. Customers can select their choice of engraving: the Border Patrol badge or Customs & Border Protection badge. Henry also offers a gift card option if you are unsure which badge option the recipient would prefer.

Below is the press release from Henry Repeating Rifles on the 100th Anniversary Border Patrol Commemorative rifles:

Press Release

In celebration of the U.S. Border Patrol’s 100th anniversary and as a continuation of our steadfast support for America’s law enforcement professionals, Henry Repeating Arms is proud to partner with the Border Patrol Museum and offer these officially licensed rifles for eligible customers.

To ensure the legacy lives on, Henry Repeating Arms is donating a portion of every sale to The Border Patrol Museum in El Paso, Texas. The Border Patrol Museum, the only museum of its kind in the United States, receives no federal funding and relies solely on donations to operate, acquire exhibit materials, and keep the doors open for visitors.

There are four models to choose from depending on badge preference, and there are two convenient gift card options. Please note that eligibility verification is still required for gift card recipients.

The Border Patrol commemorative rifles from Henry are available now. The .22LR Golden Boy retails at $800 MSRP, while the .357 Magnum Big Boy retails for $1,150 MSRP.

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