Herrington Arms Drops The New HC95 Compensator For The Glock Gen 5

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By Drew Bryant
July 11th 2023, theloadoutblog.com

Photos from Herrington’s website

Herrington Arms is well-known for designing and producing compensators and firearm accessories for Glock, SIG SAUER, Walther, CZ, and more. The company has a reputation for delivering a quality product that is well-built and reliable. Herrington is proud to introduce the HC95 Compensator for the Gen 5 Glock.

The new HC95 works perfectly with stock springs without tuning. The new compensators work with all Gen 5 Glocks. The HC95 has larger designed ports than previous comps, a sleek and streamlined design, and reduces recoil by up to 40%. The HC95 is the next evolution in Herrington Arms compensator design.

Below is the product description for the Herrington Arms HC95 Compensator.

Product Description

The HC95 compensator has been designed to work PERFECTLY with GEN 5 Glock models 19, 17, 34, 45, and 26. It will fit all 1/2-28 barrels!

This new compensator has been thoroughly tested, keeping in mind end-user feedback. It was created to ensure that it’s the best GEN 5 Glock compensator in the market, and it incorporates all the elements required by professional and recreational shooters alike. Some of its enhanced features include the following:

• The port size is nearly twice as large as the older HC micro comp

• Added GEN 5 fins allow a streamlined and integrated look

• However, it is small enough to ensure that your spent brass won’t be able to enter the port

Apart from the above, it boasts of the same legendary reliability as its HC9, HC9C, HC9XL, and HC92P counterpart. I.e., it is one hundred percent reliable with OEM stock springs, and it will smoothly run 115gr, 124gr, and even 147gr +P ammo. This means that there is no need to tinker with the insides of your everyday carry weapon. Since the HC95 is the same length as the HC9XL, you won’t have trouble carrying it everywhere. 

However, it’s the way it works that allows the HC95 to really shine. It reduces felt recoil and muzzle flip by as much as 40 percent. Moreover, its side porting cuts down the horizontal arch very effectively, which makes for a rock-steady grip.

This compensator will turn your Glock into an amazingly accurate ‘tack driver’ of a weapon. It will also make it much easier to land faster and more accurate follow-up shots.

Once mated to the Glock’s natural low bore axis, this compensator can almost completely eliminate the recoil and flinch factors. This holds particularly true for even a subcompact pistol like the Glock 26 since it is traditionally more difficult to control with full-power +P 9mm loads.

It will also help you shoot much tighter groups at longer ranges. You won’t have to waste time realigning your sights after every shot since your gun won’t jump around every time you squeeze the trigger.

Key Features Of HC95

• Up to 40 percent vertical recoil reduction

• Horizontal stabilization that makes it easy to shoot rapidly and accurately

• The HC95 compensator has easily passed the 4000-round durability test benchmark

• It has been precision engineered from very high quality and lightweight CNC machined 6061 aluminum for extra durability

• Its matte black type three anodized hard coat finish will enhance the rugged elegance of your Glock pistol


• Length is 1.0″ long

• One of the most practical upgrades for your EDC weapon

• It can be installed easily. No need to take your Glock to a gunsmith


• Lifetime warranty. No questions asked!

If you want an extremely reliable and highly effective compensator, then the HC95 is the right one for you. It will heighten your shooting pleasure and help you become a much better and faster shot. Most important of all, it can prove to be invaluable in a self-defense situation when you need to shoot rapidly and accurately to save your life.

The HC95 is available now on Herrington’s website. The HC95 retails for $94.99. The tan version of the comp retails for $104.99. To find out more about Herrington Arms and its products, click here.

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