Innovation Through Design: BCM Announces The Angled Torque (A/T) Optic Mounts

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By Drew Bryant
August 23rd, 2023,

Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM) is a highly regarded and renowned manufacturer of AR-15s and firearm accessories within the firearms industry. BCM is well-known for building rifles that are feature rich with impressive build quality. Rifles from BCM are notable for their reliability, ruggedness, and outstanding performance in any situation. Now, BCM is taking that expertise and applying it to optic mounts. BCM is proud to introduce the Angle Torque (A/T) optic mounts.

The new A/T mounts by BCM will provide unparalleled retention of your red dot zero. A traditional Horizontal Interface found on a conventional mount would apply equal force on the mount and rail. This mounting change would result in energy being transferred to the mount, and your optic, over time, could lose its zero. The new A/T interface allows maximum force at the rail, leaving the mount and optic free from the rifle’s recoil. When mounting the new A/T optic mounts, BCM recommends a staggering 65-inch pounds of torque on the fastener.

At the time of release, there are four A/T optic mounts available. Two are for the MRO footprint, while the others are for the Aimpoint Micro/T2. The A/T mounts are available in 1.93” inch height or 1/3 lower co-witness height.

Below is the product description from BCM on an innovative A/T mounting system.

Product Description

BCM® A/T™ Optic Mounts

Capability in the face of the unexpected and catastrophic, the BCM A/T Mount is built in anticipation of a “no fail” shot that will save another human life.


Improving on Mil-Spec rail interfaces dating back over 30 years, the BCM A/T mount delivers unprecedented zero retention on a properly mounted red dot optic. Low profile and snag-free, BCM A/T Mounts are built with a minimal number of components – delivering a stronger component with fewer points of failure, ready to take on dynamic and adverse settings.
Each A/T Mount features multiple integral recoil lugs to mitigate recoil and counter-recoil to preserve your zero and ensure “no fail” shots are placed where intended by the trained rifleman.
Each 7075T6 billet mount is hard coat anodized per Mil-A-8625F. Additionally, both the steel alloy clamp and nut are hardened with Nitride coating.


A/T (Angled Torque) mounts employ angled torque through a patented* clamp which applies triangulating force to create a stronger and more reliable lock-up of the mount onto the end user’s rail. To retain the hardware in field conditions, this system uses a serrated locking spring-washer to prevent the loss of torque on the shaft nut.

All models of the A/T mounting system are available now on BCM’s website. The A/T mounts will retail for the fantastic price of $119, which puts it under its competitor’s pricing point for a mount of this nature. BCM continues to provide impressive quality without breaking the bank.

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