Introducing the Insurrection: Cabot Guns’ Groundbreaking Double-Stack 1911 Hits the Market


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By Drew Bryant
December 13th, 2023,

Cabot Guns is the premier 1911 manufacturer in the firearm industry. Cabot’s knowledge, expertise, and meticulous attention to detail put into their 1911s is breathtaking. The company’s passion and love take center stage in each 1911 they craft. Cabot’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in the craftsmanship and creativity put into the platform. Now, Cabot Guns has taken that knowledge, expertise, and meticulous detail into a doublestack 1911. Cabot Guns is proud to introduce The Insurrection.

The Insurrection is Cabot’s first foray into the competitive doublestack 1911 market. From inception to the final product, it was a two-year labor of love by Cabot engineers, designers, and gunsmiths to build the Insurrection. This exceptional attention to detail is evident in its beautiful design and unparalleled performance. The Insurrection was a love letter to 1911 while keeping its soul and identity within a modern context.

The Cabot Insurrection is crafted from 100% U.S.-sourced stainless steel for its slide and proprietary doublestack frame and grip. The pistol features aggressive front and rear slide serrations. These aggressive serrations allow shooters to manipulate their slide in optimal or adverse conditions easily a shooter will face. Giving the shooter confidence and control no matter the weather. Within the slide sits a 5” match grade barrel from Cabot. Cabot promises a 1.25” group at 25 yards. End users can also port the barrel, allowing for easier follow shots and less perceived recoil by the shooter.

On top of the slide sits your choice of iron sights, along with an optic-ready slide featuring the RMR footprint. The proprietary grip was designed from the ground up to provide shooters with an unprecedented level of comfort and grip with the frame. The frame features recessed areas on both the left and right sides to act as a ledge/ gas pedal for shooters, allowing them to manage recoil even better.

Below are product introduction and the features of The Insurrection from Cabot Guns.

Product Introduction

Introducing the Cabot Guns Insurrection, a doublestack 1911 pistol that’s been meticulously crafted to redefine the very essence of American firearms innovation. This exceptional pistol has been two years in the making, and every moment spent in development is evident in its flawless design and performance. Crafted exclusively from 100% US-sourced stainless steel, the Insurrection is not just a firearm; it’s a testament to Cabot Guns’ unwavering commitment to quality and precision.

What sets the Insurrection apart isn’t just its remarkable build quality; it’s the innovative features that truly make it stand out. With optional barrel porting that drastically reduces perceived recoil this pistol offers shooters unparalleled control and accuracy. Additionally, the Insurrection boasts Cabot’s proprietary Advantage extractor, an entirely internal mechanism that enhances the reliability of the 9mm cartridge within the iconic 1911 platform. Cabot Guns has not only delivered a remarkable pistol but also ushered in a new era of excellence in the world of firearms.


• Proprietary Cabot Stainless Steel Doublestack Frame and Grip

• Stainless Steel Slide with window cuts 

• 100% Made in the USA from Domestic Stainless Steel

• Cabot Advantage Internal Extractor

• 5” Match Grade Hand Fit Stainless Steel Barrel with fluted hood cuts

• OPTIONAL Ported Barrel

• 3.5lb Trigger

• Hand Blended and Finished

• Full Plasma DLC Coating or Matte Stainless Steel Finish Available

• Cabot Ledge Rear Sight

• Cabot Fiber Optic Front Sight

• unloaded weight: 42oz

• 2-17 round magazines (20 Round Magazines Available)

• Made in Cabot PA

• Magazines are STI/2011 compatible

The Insurrection by Cabot Guns is a hybrid of phenomenal machining practices and expectational gunsmiths to create this beautiful pistol. All the parts on the Insurrection were hand-fitted and blended to allow for a superior finish and unparalleled tolerances to make the most reliable double-stack 1911 on the market.

Cabot’s guns are a labor of love from the company, and The Insurrection is no different. The company has spent potentially millions of dollars in design, engineering, and testing to release a pistol that is up to the highest standard that Cabot prides itself on as a company. The Insurrection is available now and has a seven to ten-month lead time. The Insurrection retails for $5995 MSRP. For more on the Insurrection and other excellent pistols from Cabot, click here.

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