LV Stipple x Sunset Goons Join Forces For A Dope Collaboration


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By Drew Bryant
December 8th, 2023,

The highly awaited collaboration between LV Stipple and Sunset Goons set for December 9th marks a significant moment in the firearms community. As these two influential entities join forces, there’s a palpable excitement within the industry. Social media teases have only heightened anticipation, revealing a fusion of LV Stipple’s unmatched expertise with Sunset Goons’ innovative design flair. This collaboration not only showcases their combined talents but also signifies a bold stride in reshaping the visual and functional aspects of pistol frames. With pre-orders starting Friday at 10 am CST, fans of both companies have the opportunity to be pioneers in owning a piece of this groundbreaking partnership.

At the core of this collaboration is the Sunset Goons frame, seamlessly merging LV Stipple’s distinctive Thread Pattern with the captivating Goon logo of Sunset Goons. This fusion of artistic designs results in a visually stunning frame that promises to captivate firearm enthusiasts. On one side, the Sunset Goons logo features a skull rocking some PVS-31s, while the opposite side proudly features the inscription “Sunset Goon Social Club,” adding an extra layer of distinction to this exceptional frame.

The Goon frame, a key element in this collaboration, will be offered for both the Glock 17 and Glock 19 Gen 3 and Gen 5 pistols. Customers can choose between stripped or complete frames, ensuring flexibility in customization. The frame will be presented in three distinct colors: Black, FDE, and Tungsten. For a comprehensive choice, individuals can opt for a complete Goon frame with OEM parts, available for both G17 and G19 in Gen 3 or Gen 5 configurations.

While the pricing details remain undisclosed, the exclusivity and distinctiveness of these items indicate that enthusiasts should prepare for a substantial investment. This collaboration stands as a testament to the merging of expertise, innovation, and design prowess, establishing a new benchmark in the firearm industry.

Stay tuned for additional updates on this groundbreaking collaboration, and get ready to delve into meticulously crafted pistol frames that showcase the combined brilliance of LV Stipple and Sunset Goons. To receive notification before the official release, visit LV Stipple’s website and subscribe to the newsletter for timely information. The new Goon frame drops at 10 am CST tomorrow on LV Stipple’s website. Be ready to move quickly if you want to get your hands on this limited edition frame from two industry standouts.

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