Magpul Releases The DAKA Hard Case With Grid Organizer

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By Drew Bryant
July 20th, 2023,

At Shot Show 2023, attendees were given the first glimpse of the Magpul DAKA Hard Case. The case was Magpul’s entrance into the rifle transportation and storage market. With the DAKA, Magpul looked to solve many of the weaknesses associated with hard cases and provide a robust, rugged, and easy-to-organize storage system. The Daka Hard Case and Grid Organizer combined to create a premium storage solution that can optimize storage space for your rifle and gear. The new DAKA Hard Case aims to provide a big paradigm shift in what consumers can expect of a rifle case.

Below are the product description and key features of the DAKA Hard Case.

Product Description

The Magpul DAKA Hard Case, R44 fixes the many shortcomings of current hard case offerings, providing a stronger, easier-to-use, and more reliable transportation and storage system. Combined with our innovative DAKA GRID Organizer, the DAKA Hard Case creates a premium storage solution that’s optimized for you and your gear, both inside and out. Streamlined, easy to maneuver, and full of usable protective space, it includes advanced features such as better latches, recessed lock housings, ergonomic handles, and dependable wheels, all in a package that provides greater protection for your important gear. The DAKA Hard Case has also removed the many potential snagging points that typically lead to case damage, ensuring it glides smoothly over most surfaces while in transit.

Built around the uniquely customizable DAKA GRID Organizer, the R44 was designed to hold mid-length rifles and gear. It accommodates one or more rifles comfortably, along with much of the additional equipment required to travel with your firearms. The DAKA GRID is made of individual Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) end panels, center panels, and DAKA Blocks that nest securely together to create an advanced drop-in system that compartmentalizes your gear. The DAKA Blocks can be easily pressed into the GRID panels and are just as easily removed and reinstalled to fit the needs of whatever you’re carrying. As opposed to traditional foam inserts, the DAKA GRID doesn’t trap moisture, dirt, or other contaminants. It’s lighter, endlessly customizable, and significantly stronger than traditional foam, providing measurably better organization and protection for your gear stored inside. If you’re carrying wider or taller equipment such as lights, bipods, or lasers, a center GRID Panel can also be cut down in size or removed to open up space for objects up to 4.25” inches wide, as long as you brace both ends of the firearm on the other panels. If you end up needing to cut a Panel to create a unique cavity for your wider gear, the EPP cuts smoothly, doesn’t flake like regular foam, and doesn’t lose its strength or ability to protect your important equipment.

The DAKA Hard Case also adds extra storage space with its four, rounded, double-walled corner pockets, creating bumper zones for added impact resistance that double as storage for other necessary equipment. Its water and weather-resistant gasket also keeps out dust and moisture and provides self-equalizing pressure control, keeping the contents safe from the effects of external environmental factors. The Hard Case’s injection molding technology provides greater strength and case integrity compared to other conventional cases, with durability and drop performance that stands up to the toughest shipping, travel, and hard-use environments.

The latch design, along with the greater case rigidity, makes the latches simple to use and incredibly rugged. Each latch features a large, easily operated push-button release that can be activated with one hand. When pressed, the latch opens and remains in the open position, and it can be used as a handle to open the lid. The latch closes with simple downward pressure anywhere on the latch body, and there’s a clear audible “click” when it’s secured. The innovative latch design also features a reimagined latch lockout system. Each latch on the DAKA Hard Case contains one lock pass-through and, once a lock is installed (we recommend a lock with a 5/16” thick shackle and a 1-1.5” interior clearance), the latch cannot be opened until the lock is removed, which secures the entire case. Additionally, each latch features a lock housing and a zip tie pass-through that allows the user to secure the lock to the case, protecting the lock and the case from damage due to impacts. The Hard Case includes two Velcro straps for this purpose.

Nesting lugs provide a positive interface when DAKA Hard Cases are stacked on each other, and two built-in strap recesses keep ratchet straps in place and secured during use. There are two large main handles that are easy to manipulate under load, and a third, integrated handle near the wheels makes the case easier to move and allows the case to stand vertically on its own. The handles have cross sections that are modeled on Magpul pistol grips for greater comfort and control, and they recess completely into the case’s frame. They’re designed to stay open once they’re extended and stay closed when not in use. The wheels are designed for smooth rolling and longevity, with reduced noise, friction, and debris incursion thanks to the ball bearings, rubber overmolding, and glass reinforced nylon hubs.

This R44 Case has interior measurements of 44.25” x 17” x 5.5” and works best with up to two standard 16” rifles, heavy carbines, and other similar firearms.

Key Features

Advanced Injection Molding Technology

Gas charged polypropylene reduces weight and its structure creates a tough outer shell

Sleek and streamlined outer design means minimal places for snags to occur

Hinges provide stability when open and are nested in a polymer housing to prevent tampering and break-ins.

DAKA Grid Organizer

DAKA GRID Organizer Panels and Blocks are lighter, easy to use, and customizable for every loadout

Reconfigurable without tools to maximize storage capacity and ensure gear stays in place

The GRID doesn’t absorb moisture, dirt, or other contaminants like open cell foam, and it wipes clean with a damp cloth

Stronger GRID and Hard Case combination provides better overall protection for your gear

Attention To Details

Internal corner pockets create an impact-resistant bumper zone that also provides extra storage space for small objects

Water and weather-resistant gasket keeps out dust and moisture and includes self-equalizing pressure control

Case frame includes lugs at the base that interface with the lid, allowing cases to nest together

Strap recesses keep straps in place to mitigate shifting in transit

Unique Latch Design

Two cammed, push-button latches can be opened and closed with one hand

Lock and zip tie pass-throughs secure locks within the latch and streamline the case, preventing impact damage to the lock and the case

Handles That Are Comfortable & Functional

Handle cross sections are modeled on our pistol grips for maximum comfort and grip

The two hinged handles are longer than standard handles for more grip flexibility

Handles are designed to remain in when stowed and to stay out when deployed

A third, fixed handle located adjacent to the wheels makes gripping and maneuvering the case easier

The new DAKA hard case is available now on Magpul’s website. The new hard case retails for $339. To find out more about Magpul’s new hard case, click here.

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