MDT Introduces Oryx Bipod: A New Bipod Without Breaking the Bank

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By Drew Bryant
August 28th, 2023,

When it comes to crafting high-quality chassis and accessories for bolt action rifles, MDT stands as a beacon of excellence. Renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to delivering products of unmatched quality, MDT has consistently proven itself as a leader in the firearms industry. Now, with their latest innovation, the Oryx Bipod, MDT is once again setting new standards for precision shooting without the premium price tag.

Navigating the realm of bipods can often feel like opening Pandora’s Box. The sheer variety of build qualities and features can be overwhelming for consumers seeking the perfect balance of functionality and affordability. Many find themselves facing the dilemma of either compromising on features or shelling out top dollar for the performance they desire. However, MDT’s Oryx Bipod aims to shatter these limitations and offer shooters a reliable, robust, and affordable bipod solution.

The Oryx Bipod is a testament to MDT’s dedication to innovation and consumer satisfaction. Crafted from a high-strength polymer, the bipod strikes a harmonious balance between durability and weight. Rubber feet further enhance stability, ensuring a secure shooting platform even in challenging conditions.

One of the standout features of the Oryx Bipod is its intuitive design. The ability to stow and deploy the bipod can be accomplished with a single hand, eliminating the need for complicated button presses or cumbersome adjustments. The adjustable legs offer a wide range of positions, catering to shooters’ varying preferences and shooting scenarios.

Precision shooting enthusiasts will particularly appreciate the Oryx’s 50-degree cant adjustment, coupled with a cant tension lever. These features empower shooters to fine-tune their shooting setup for optimal accuracy and comfort, further reinforcing MDT’s commitment to elevating shooting performance.

MDT understands that shooters value versatility, and as such, the Oryx Bipod is available in both M-LOK and sling swivel stud attachment options. This versatility ensures that the bipod seamlessly integrates with a wide range of firearms and setups.

For those eager to experience the game-changing potential of the Oryx Bipod, MDT’s website offers the bipod for purchase. With both models retailing for $99.95, MDT has shattered the preconception that quality and affordability are mutually exclusive in the realm of bipods.

MDT’s introduction of the Oryx Bipod is a testimony to their unwavering dedication to advancing precision shooting. By offering a bipod that combines quality, ease of use, and affordability, MDT is empowering shooters of all levels to elevate their performance without compromise. The Oryx Bipod exemplifies MDT’s ethos: precision without the premium price tag.

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