Moving On Up! San Tan Tactical Is Moving To The Lone Star State

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By Drew Bryant
September 28th, 2023,

Recently, San Tan Tactical announced they would be moving the company to the Lone Star state, aka Texas. The new manufacturing facility and headquarters will be in Fort Worth, Texas. The decision to move to Texas was a coordinated and strategic move by San Tan. Moving to Fort Worth allows the company to move into a larger, more efficient manufacturing facility. In return, this would enable San Tan to lower the price of their products for consumers. San Tan will be moving from his current home in Chandler, Arizona. San Tan is known for their high-quality ambidextrous AR-15 rifles, receiver sets, and firearm accessories.

Below is the full press release from San Tan Tactical on the company’s relocation to Texas.

Press Release

San Tan Tactical, a leading rifle company, is excited to announce that it will be relocating its operations to Fort Worth, Texas. This move is part of the company’s strategic growth plan and commitment to lower our costs while continuing to offer superior performance in all of its products.

The new location, situated in the heart of Texas, offers a larger and more efficient space that will support San Tan Tactical’s innovation and initiative to provide quicker order fulfillment. This move demonstrates the company’s dedication to providing exceptional services and will support its aggressive growth goals for the coming years.

“The upcoming move signifies an exciting new chapter for San Tan Tactical,” said Jack Biegel, Owner and CEO. “Our team has worked diligently to ensure a seamless transition, and we are thrilled about this new phase of our journey and to continue to offer superior performance at a lower price.”

While the physical address of San Tan Tactical will change, all other contact details, including phone numbers and email addresses, will remain the same.

San Tan Tactical is grateful to its clients, partners, and employees for their continued support and to offer Texas-made products nationwide.

About San Tan Tactical:

San Tan Tactical is a family owned and operated business dedicated to building the very best firearms and parts money can buy.
Since its establishment in 2014, the company has been committed to surpassing the
expectations of quality, fit and finish, durability, and industry leading customer service. Through innovation, exceptional customer service, and a dedicated team, San Tan Tactical has become a trusted name in the 2A sector.

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