Nomad Defense Releases The Nomad 9X

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By Drew Bryant
July 16th 2023,

Nomad Defense is known for making high-quality frames for the Glock Gen 4 and 5 pistols. Frames from Nomad feature improved ergonomics, adjustable back straps, and built-in gas pedals to help manage recoil better. These frames are an upgrade compared to traditional Glock frames. Now, Nomad Defense is proud to introduce the Nomad 9X, their competitor, to the Glock 19x frame.

The Nomad 9X is the company’s interpretation of G19x/G45. The Nomad 9X keeps all the improvements from the original Nomad series but tweaks it. This new frame features more aggressive stippling, a double undercut trigger guard, and a front rail groove adjusted to seat the light closer to the trigger guard.

Below are the product description and features for the new Nomad 9X from Nomad Defense.

Product Description

The Nomad 9X is our interpretation of the ever-popular Glock® G19X/G45 platform. What does this mean? Compact G19 length slide for reduced weight and increased carry comfort. Full-size grip length for maximum control and increased magazine capacity.

With the Nomad 9X pistol frame, the focus was again on incremental but important improvements over the proven Nomad 9 and Nomad 9F pistol platforms. The Nomad 9X keeps all the improvements of the Nomad 9 and Nomad 9F, in addition to a few more key updates. Grip texture on the Nomad 9X frame side panels keep the same general look as other models in the Nomad Defense pistol frame line, but the texture is much more aggressive to the touch. The Nomad 9X features a subtle, but effective, double undercut trigger guard. Finally, the front rail groove position has been adjusted slightly, to tuck lights closer to the trigger guard.

Internally, the Nomad 9X frame gets an important update as well. The frame rails see a new pre-molding treatment. This leads to an even higher level of frame-to-frame consistency. Reliability with a variety of aftermarket slides is better than ever before.

The Nomad 9X frame was designed around the Glock® Gen5 pistol platform as a means of improving overall reliability and enhancing the experience of the left-handed shooter. Another perk of Gen5 compatibility is that the Nomad 9X frame is compatible with the current Nomad Defense Gen4/5 G19 locking block and Nomad Defense Gen4/5 Hybrid Lower Parts Kit (LPK). The Nomad 9X is sold as a stripped frame and is 100% compatible with G19X/G45 Gen5 components. This frame ships with two interchangeable backstraps, a trigger housing retention pin, and a backstrap retention pin. Nomad Defense Co. recommends starting with true Gen5 parts whenever possible, but the Nomad 9X frame is compatible with some Gen3 and Gen4 components. A compatibility reference chart is included with the Nomad 9X.

FFL Required Before Shipping.

Please have your dealer email a copy of their FFL to referencing your name and order number.


• Flared Magwell – providing every advantage when you need it most

• Contoured Grip – better comfort means better control

• Two Interchangeable Backstrap Sizes – refined ergonomics tailored to you

• Accessible Mag Release – easy to reach without accidental release

• Rock Grip Texture 2.0 – better traction than ever before

• Slide Stop Guard – ensure easy activation only when intended

• Extended Beaver Tail – protect your assets

• Double Undercut Cold Weather Trigger Guard – optimized for use with gloves

• Forward Thumb Ledges – better control for faster follow-up shots

• Proprietary Polymer Blend – high impact strength with enhanced rigidity

• Weight 3.6 oz

The Nomad 9X is a viable upgrade to your traditional Glock frame that comes with your pistol. Adding all the features and quality of life improvements, we would want from aftermarket work done on your firearm. The new Nomad 9X is exclusively available through Rainier Arms until 31st of July. If you purchase it through Rainier during this time, it will have an introductory retail price of $119.99. If purchased after on Nomad’s website, it will retail for $150 for the frame.

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