Radical Defense Releases New General Purpose Suppressor (GPS) Designed For General Purpose Machine Guns


By Drew Bryant
October 4th, 2023, theloadoutblog.com

Radical Defense is a Texas-based firearms manufacturer known for making AR-15s and 3-D printed suppressors. The company proudly announces its newest suppressor, the General Purpose Suppressor, or GPS for short. The GPS is a 3-D printed can that is fully auto-rated and is designed for calibers ranging from 7.62 to 8.6mm. The suppressor is made from Haynes 282, a nickel-based alloy, and weighs in at 23.5 oz.

Below is the press release from Radical Defense on the new GPS.

Press Release

The GPS suppressor is the newest development with our beltfed machine gun line. This suppressor isn’t a direct replacement for any previous machine gun suppressors released by RD, as each of those were developed for specific mission requirements. Our current line of suppressors are extremely robust made for the most treacherous firing schedules such as being mounted to a CROWS system or weapons that don’t have the liberty of an assaulters quick change out to another barrel.

The GPS has a multitude of new developments, based on lessons learned, from making beltfed suppressors for the last three years. With that being said, the General Purpose Suppressor uses our Breathable Technology to allow the suppressor and weapon system to work together, while significantly reducing the negative effects of back pressure.

7.62 -8.6 caliber, 3D printed, mounted via a taper lock flash hider, and requiring zero modification to the host weapon. Full Auto Rated, Forward Venting Breathable Technology for pressure stabilization, decreased felt blowback and back pressure to the host weapon—proprietary I/R non-reflective coating.


Length: 7.5in (190.5mm)

Diameter: 1.75in. (44.5mm)

Weight: 23.5 oz (666g)

Material: Haynes 282

Finish: Proprietary I/R non-reflective coating

Caliber: 7.62mm to 8.6mm

Attachment Method: RD KFM-MG QD Flash Hider

MSRP: $1499.00

The new GPS will be available for purchase in early or mid-October 2023. For more on Radical Firearms suppressors or rifles, click here.

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