Ripcord Industries Releases Limited Edition Multicam Furniture Set

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By Drew Bryant
August 11th, 2023,

Renowned for its high-quality firearms training and esteemed reputation for crafting meticulously engineered rifle components, Ripcord Industries has once again made its mark with the release of the Limited Edition Multicam Furniture Set. This release showcases a fusion of innovation and partnership as Ripcord collaborates with the renowned C&B Quality Coatings, hailing from the heart of Georgia, to present a masterpiece finished in Multicam Cerakote. Through meticulous testing and evaluation, Multicam emerged as the undeniable champion among three distinctive patterns, highlighting its superiority in both form and function.

Immerse yourself in this extraordinary ensemble, boasting the precision-engineered LDR1.5 handguard, the ergonomic excellence of the B5 Systems Bravo stock, and the steadfast grip of the P23 pistol grip. From its sleek design to its unparalleled performance, the Multicam furniture set redefines the industry standard, delivering an unrivaled combination of style, durability, and functionality.

Discover the future of firearm aesthetics with Ripcord Industries as we unveil the Multicam Furniture Set – where form meets function, and innovation is only the beginning. Explore the product description and specifications below to delve into the details of this remarkable offering.

Ripcord’s Multicam Furniture Set

Product Description

Limited Edition Multicam Furniture Sets are now available for all you Multicam hounds!

We had an opportunity to correct a coating mistake and wanted to offer something with a little more style and detail. We got to thinking and wanted to see what our LDR1.5 would look like in a three different camo patterns. So, we hit up the crew at C&B Quality Coatings in Georgia, and they knocked out three amazing samples. We won’t say what the other two patterns were, but ultimately Multicam was chosen for this release.

Now that we had a camo LDR1.5, we needed a grip and stock to match. We love the B5 Systems Bravo Stock and P23 Grip, so we reached out. B5 was able to provide both the stock and grip to match our rails.

Different materials reflect light differently, and therefore it can sometimes be difficult to “match” a colorway from, say, fabric to how it appears on aluminum. We wanted the Multicam LDR1.5, Bravo Stock & P23 Grip to all look similar in tone because they are in fact a set. We also wanted these aluminum and polymer parts to closely resemble what Multicam looks like when seen on fabric. C&B Quality Coatings and B5 Systems both did an amazing job of getting the hard goods to “match” fabric in the same colorway very closely.   


• NOT COMPATIBLE w/ BCM MK2 Upper Receiver due to the “thicker” front shape of the receiver.

• Anodized base coated in Multicam Cerakote

• Machined from Aerospace Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy

• Integrated QD Sockets

• 2.18″ Mod4 Barrel Nut: 4142PH Steel w/ Heavy Manganese Phosphate Finish per MIL-DTL-16232H, Class 1

• Torque Spec: 46 ft/lbs

• Locking Plate: ASTM A572 High Strength/Low Alloy Steel w/ Heavy Manganese Phosphate Finish MIL-DTL-16232H, Class 1

• Mounting Bolts: T27 Alloy Steel Bolt w/ Black Oxide Finish

• Torque Spec: 35-37 in/lbs

• Inner Diameter: 1.33″

• Outer Diameter: 1.55″

• Indexing Pin Pocket Equipped: Yes

• Compatible w/ MLOK accessories

• Comes w/ Mod4 Barrel Nut (x1), Mounting Screws (x2), Locking Plate (x1), Barrel Nut Wrench (x1), & Traction Tape Pack (x1)

Elevate your firearms experience with this extraordinary ensemble, meticulously crafted to the highest standards. Embrace the fusion of innovation and style as the Multicam Cerakote finish, LDR1.5 handguard, B5 Systems Bravo stock, and P23 pistol grip seamlessly merge. This exceptional set is yours to own for only $494.95. To explore more of Ripcord Industries’ cutting-edge products and delve deeper into the world of premium firearm components, click here.

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