Rosco Manufacturing Unveils Limited Edition 6mm ARC Barrels

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By Drew Bryant
March 28th, 2024,

All photos from Rosco’s Website.

Rosco Manufacturing, renowned for crafting high-quality barrels and OEM parts for the AR-15 platform, is proud to announce a limited run of 6mm ARC barrels in its Purebred Series.

The Purebred series represents Rosco’s premium line of barrels, drawing upon their wealth of knowledge and lessons learned to create a series that epitomizes precision and quality manufacturing. These barrels deliver exceptional performance straight out of the box for skilled shooters.

Starting from scratch at their facility in Rhode Island, each Purebred barrel begins as a blank piece of 416R stainless steel. The SPR profile, featured in Rosco’s Purebred barrels, strikes a balance between cold bore shot capabilities and optimal barrel weight. Gas ports for the ARC barrels are meticulously sized to accommodate popular precision bullet weights and suppressor usage.

Rosco’s 6mm ARC SPR barrels are now available on their website, with the 16” variant already sold out at the time of writing. The 14.5” and 20” variants are still in stock, but supplies are limited for this exclusive run. Currently, the 14.5” barrel retails for $235, while the 20” barrel is priced at $270.

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