Rugged Suppressors Debuts The Modular Surge X Suppressor

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By Drew Bryant
January 17th, 2023,

From its inception, Rugged Suppressors has sought to be on the bleeding edge in design and technology to produce reliable and durable suppressors. Ten years ago, the company launched Rugged Suppressors with the Surge 7.62. Now, Rugged has taken that wealth of knowledge and imparted it to its newest suppressor to create a modular and durable suppressor for the end user. Rugged Suppressors is proud to release the Surge X suppressor.

The Surge X is a modular .30 Cal suppressor built to allow users to choose their preferred suppressor length with minimal sacrifices. The extended configuration gives users maximum sound suppression, while the short configuration is optimized for reduced gas blowback and reduces the overall footprint of your rifle. The reduced size of the Surge X could aid in maneuverability confined spaces. The extended version comes in at 8.1” inches, and the short measures in at 5.6” inches.

Photos from Rugged Suppressors website

The Surge X utilizes Rugged’s Universal Mount, or R.U.M. for short. The R.U.M. system can be used with their quick detach Dual Taper Locking System or your preferred industry standard HUB mounts.

Rugged constructed the Surge X from 17-4 stainless steel and Cobalt 6. The new Surge X is quieter and 28% lighter than its older sibling, the Surge 7.62. The Surge X is full auto-rated with minimal point of impact shifts from suppressed to unsuppressed.

The Surge X by Rugged Suppressors is made in-house with raw materials from here in the U.S. This control over materials and production allows Rugged meticulous control over every stage of production, from the high-quality metals used to the exhaustive and stringent quality standards are met for each suppressor built.

The Surge X is available now on Rugged Suppressor website or at an authorized Rugged Suppressor dealer. The Surge X retails for $1169 MSRP plus the $200 tax stamp. Rugged’s new suppressor will set you back about $1,400 all together. To learn more about the Surge X and other suppressors that Rugged has to offer, click here.

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