Shot Show 2024: C+H Precision Ventures into Rifle Optics: Unveiling the ERD Series and LPVO

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By Drew Bryant
February 10th, 2024,

C+H Precision has built a solid reputation for its optic plates and slide milling services tailored for pistols. Moreover, the company has supplied OEM plates to various brands within the industry. However, last year marked a significant milestone for C+H as it ventured into the optics market with the introduction of the Comp, Duty, EDC, and EDC-XL red dots for pistols. Now, in anticipation of Shot Show 2024, the company is set to expand its product lineup by introducing a new range of dedicated rifle optics.

Excitingly, C+H Precision is unveiling its ERD Series (Enclosed Rifle Dot) and LPVO (Low Power Vision Optic) for rifle enthusiasts. Let’s delve deeper into C+H’s latest offerings for rifle optics.

ERD-1 & ERD-2

The ERD series marks C+H Precision’s initial foray into the rifle red dot market. Leading the series is the ERD-1, which boasts a large window reminiscent of an EOTech EPS-3 or Vortex AMG UH-1, albeit with a traditional LED-emitter red dot. Engineered for ruggedness, reliability, and precision, the ERD-1 features multiple reticle options, including a 2 MOA Dot and Dot with a 56 MOA circle. With 8 brightness settings and 2 night vision modes, coupled with an IPX7 waterproof rating and an impressive 50,000-hour battery life, the ERD-1 stands as a formidable addition to any rifle setup.

ERD-2 with auto-dimming

Following suit is the ERD-2, characterized by a smaller window and footprint compared to its counterpart, the ERD-1. Sporting a 3 MOA dot with an auto-dimming feature, the ERD-2’s top-mounted sensor swiftly adjusts brightness levels to adapt to changing lighting conditions. With identical waterproofing and battery specifications as the ERD-1, the ERD-2 provides shooters with versatility and reliability in various environments.


Completing the ensemble is the LPVO 2-12x24mm from C+H Precision, designed to facilitate close to intermediate target engagements. Crafted from 7075 aluminum and featuring Japanese glass and components, the LPVO ensures durability and optical clarity. Equipped with lockable windage and elevation turrets, parallax adjustments, and a Termor 3-style reticle with illumination, the LPVO caters to shooters seeking precision and versatility. Boasting 9 brightness settings, 2 night vision modes, and an IPX7 waterproof rating, the LPVO emerges as a top-tier option for discerning marksmen.

Anticipated for release in the late second or early third quarter of this year, the ERD-1 is slated to retail for approximately $400-500 MSRP, while the auto-dimming ERD-2 will be priced between $350 and $400 MSRP. Meanwhile, the LPVO commands a price tag of $1350 MSRP, reflecting its premium quality and performance.

In conclusion, C+H Precision’s expansion into rifle optics marks a pivotal moment for the company, underscoring its commitment to innovation and excellence in the firearms industry. We will have to wait and hopefully evaluate these optics and see what value they bring to the end user.

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