Shot Show 2024: MDT Unveils New Zero Stage Electronic Trigger For The Remington 700 Platform

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By Drew Bryant
February 1st, 2024,

During Shot Show 2024, MDT propels us towards Judgment Day and a Cyberpunk 2077-esque future with the introduction of the Zero Stage Electronic Trigger. The Zero Stage seamlessly integrates into any Remington 700 or its clones, but that’s where the similarities end. Let’s explore this revolutionary technology designed to take your Remington 700 trigger into the future.

The MDT Zero Stage trigger boasts an adjustable trigger pull weight from 4 to 64 oz! Since the trigger is electronic, there is no uptake before the shot and no overtravel after the break—just squarely back to the wall. There is no creep on this trigger, and it does not behave like any Rem 700 or AR trigger you have used before. This experience will shock shooters, but its precision and consistency of trigger pull speak volumes for the Zero Stage.

One concern with a trigger that can a trigger pull of 4 oz is its safety. MDT has engineered a built-in electronic safety that addresses the rifle being dropped accidentally or aimed above a certain level. The Zero Stage also features a mechanical safety to block internal components from moving if the electronics fail, providing the end user with safety redundancies to protect the shooter and others.

Since the Zero Stage is an electronic device, it will receive firmware updates from MDT wirelessly. The trigger is good for about 800-1000 trigger pulls before needing to be recharged. The Zero Stage features a USB-C charging port when it finally runs out of battery. Weather will also be a mitigating factor in how many trigger pulls you can get before a recharge.

The Zero Stage by MDT is an intriguing and revolutionary design for a Rem 700 trigger. At one point, I believed that the Trigger Tech Diamond trigger for the Rem 700 was the pinnacle of this space. Now, MDT has a trigger that can redefine the entire market in terms of triggers and could lead to a race to create and build the best-performing electronic trigger on the market. We will have to see how these hold up once they hit the marketplace and see their reliability in the hands and environments end users will face. Yet, I believe the future is bright and has the potential to radically change the game. While potentially hastening the inevitable Judgement Day we could face.

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