Shot Show 2024: Nocturn Industries Debuts The New ALPHA NVG Mount

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By Drew Bryant
February 13th, 2024,

Nocturn Industries emerges as a true disruptor in the night vision industry, aiming to make night vision accessible and affordable without emptying one’s bank account. By reshaping the market landscape, they send a clear message: evolve or die. Nocturn maintains this evolutionary mindset with the debut of the innovative ALPHA mount at Shot Show 2024.

The ALPA, or Adaptable Lightweight Powered Helmet Arm, defines itself as the lightest and lowest-stowing dovetail night vision mount on to be on the market. While the popular Wilcox G24 mount weighs 5.86 oz, the ALPHA weighs under half of that at only 2.65 oz. Nocturn Industries achieves this significant weight reduction by skeletonizing the structure, creating a lightweight, low-profile design.

The ALPHA’s design, crafted by Nocturn’s engineering team, strategically prioritizes the demands of end users who value mobility and minimal profiles in their equipment. While most modern mounts offer 1.2 inches of adjustment, the ALPHA pushes that to a more versatile 1.4 inches, accommodating users who utilize gas masks or visors, thereby enhancing its compatibility with various types of equipment.

This new mount from Nocturn features one-handed manipulation and adjustments for front/back, height, and tilt. It also accommodates a proprietary powered dovetail shoe configuration, which seamlessly interfaces with a standard dovetail shoe and locks securely, whether powered or non-powered. Additionally, the ALPHA boasts 15 degrees of tilt, breakaway positions to mitigate neck injuries, and two adjustable positions.

Although the ALPHA mount is still in the early prototype stages, Nocturn is hopeful that it will be available by the year’s end.

Designed as a direct competitor to the industry-standard Wilcox G24 mount, the ALPHA aims to undercut the $400 MSRP of the G24. Its innovative design and potentially attractive price point are poised to capture significant attention within the night vision market.

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