Shot Show 2024: Nocturn Industries Unveils The New ANVIS “Tanto” PVS-14s

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By Drew Bryant
February 14th, 2024,

At Shot Show 2024, Nocturn Industries has solidified its reputation as an innovative leader, continually pushing the boundaries of the night vision market. Building on the success of last year’s groundbreaking debut, the Chimera Bridge for the GPNVGs, the company remains committed to advancing its product line. Nocturn Industries proudly unveils the ANVIS “Tanto” PVS-14.

The ANVIS serves as the cornerstone of Nocturn’s adaptable series of night vision devices, seamlessly mounting to standard PVS-14 J-arm mount. A standout feature of this device is its compatibility with the proprietary powered articulating dual bridge system, named the Tanto Articulating Bridge (TAB) “Daisho,” requiring minimal tools or additional parts. This innovative design empowers end-users to effortlessly transition their monoculars into articulating binoculars and back again. To convert two UANVMs into binoculars, simply remove the battery and battery cap, then insert the bridge into the battery compartment. Tighten the rear clamp screws on the bridge, and the transformation is complete. The TAB boasts the convenience of using a single battery instead of two and integrates built-in IP stops akin to Nocturn’s Katana.

The UANVM “Tanto” embodies a minimalist and lightweight design, featuring a push-button for on/off functionality in the cap, reducing both weight and overall footprint. When paired with the Daisho bridge, users gain the flexibility to enable articulation for single or dual tube usage. The articulating design of the bridge allows for operation in confined spaces without restricting headspace, eliminating the need to stow the unit upright or tuck the pods against the helmet when not in use.

Engineered with a lightweight yet rugged construction, the UANVM can withstand considerable wear and tear. Nocturn subjects it to the NATO standard drop test from 1.5 meters, consistently passing with flying colors while surpassing MIL-STD-810G specifications.

The UANVM “Tanto” aims to serve as an ideal entry-level night vision optic for those venturing into the field without breaking the bank. The Daisho Bridge further empowers users to evolve their setup by adding another tube, transforming it into a battery-powered dual-tube system. While currently out of stock, the UANVM “Tanto” is available for $1,079 MSRP on their website. For more information on the UANVM and other night vision offerings from Nocturn Industries, visit their website.

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