Shot Show 2024: PSA Releases Premium Line Of Dagger Pistols Under The Sabre Banner

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By Drew Bryant
February 22nd, 2024,

A few years ago, Palmetto State Armory (PSA) released the Dagger pistol. The new pistol was based on the Gen 3 Glock architecture and was priced significantly lower than any clone on the market. The PSA Dagger allowed consumers to obtain a reliable and affordable pistol at a great price. Fast forward to Shot Show 2024, and PSA is proud to announce the Sabre Dagger and Micro lineup of pistols.

The new premium Dagger pistol will fall under the Sabre brand. The Sabre brand from PSA was introduced last year for their AR-15s along with parts and accessories, offering consumers premium builds, parts, and accessories at a fair price point. Now, that same philosophy is being put into the PSA Dagger and Micro series of pistols. The new Sabre Dagger will be available in a compact version comparable to the G19. While the Sabre Micro will be its micro-compact counterpart comparable to the G48.

The Sabre pistol will feature a match-grade barrel, aggressive front and rear slide serrations, slide window cuts on the sides and top of the slide, come optics ready, along with suppressor height sights to co-witness your red dot. The Sabre pistol will also include custom laser stippling on the frame, various Cerakote options, aluminum flat-face trigger, and a flared magwell extension to aid in reloads and a +5 base pad for your magazines. The new pistols will also include barrel options of non-threaded, threaded, and ported.

These robust feature lists extend to the new Sabre Micro as well. The Micro will be a G48 competitor in the lineup. The Sabre Micro will feature front and rear slide serrations, come optics ready (RMSc pattern), aluminum flat-face trigger, custom laser stippling, along with Cerakote options. The Sabre Micro will also include a match-grade barrel that can come threaded or non-threaded.

The new Sabre Dagger seeks to provide a premium pistol experience without breaking the bank. Such additions and enhancements on stock striker-fired pistols could easily set you back at least $1000, getting it ‘Gucci’d down to its socks’ like Sabre Dagger. The Sabre Micro enhancements can easily cost you an additional $500 plus dollars, but you’re getting it in an all-inclusive package.

The Sabre Dagger will be available in the second or third quarter of this year. The Sabre lineup of the Dagger will come fully decked out as described above along with a premium soft case and three magazines with +5 base pads for $599 MSRP! The Sabre Micro will be available sometime this year, and the price is still currently being determined by PSA.

The new pistol Sabre lineup will be a game-changer in the industry. Consumers will be getting a feature-rich pistol with all the bells and whistles at a fraction of the cost. This is a very interesting proposition for the end-user: spend big bucks on a gun and add quality-of-life improvements or get it from the manufacturer ready to go. This unprecedented shift will also potentially make the industry pivot and offer consumers more bang for their buck. The only looming question will be its build quality and performance. If these pistols meet that standard, they will sell phenomenally well on the market. Now, we must wait and see what the consumer and the market tell us.

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