Shot Show 2024: Shadow Systems Unveils HS923 Modular Suppressor

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By Drew Bryant
January 29th, 2023,

All photos are from Shadow Systems website

Shadow Systems has taken its first foray into the suppressor market with the HS923. The HS923 is a modular suppressor designed for two roles according to Shadow Systems. The first role is to be as quiet as possible. To accomplish this, the engineers at Shadow Systems have added a baffle stack extension to obtain the lowest possible sound signature. Second, it aims to provide the most compact form factor when size and maneuverability are key factors.

The HS923 is manufactured out of T-7075 aluminum and titanium with a modular design that features short and long configurations. The lightweight design of the HS923 aims to provide industry-leading sound reduction without disturbing the cycle of operation of the host firearm. Shadow Systems’ new suppressor provides 24 decibels of sound suppression in its short format and 33 decibels in its long format.

The Shadow Systems HS923 suppressor features a 1/2×28 threaded piston for use with all of Shadow Systems pistols, as well as for other pistols that use the same thread pitch. The suppressor uses titanium baffles and a patent-pending end cap that allows the pistol’s slide serrations to be used as an ad-hoc wrench. One set of slots fits CR pistols, while one set fits MR/DR/XR-sized pistols.

The HS923 suppressor isn’t available quite yet. The new suppressor from Shadow Systems will be available in the coming months. The HS923 will retail for approximately $800. For more information on Shadow Systems’ new suppressor or their pistols, click here to visit their website.

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