Snake Staff Systems Unveils New Pocket Protector IFAK


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By Drew Bryant
October 28th, 2023,

Snake Staff Systems collaborates with North American Rescue to debut their new Pocket Protector EDC IFAK. The new IFAK was designed from scratch to provide essential equipment when responding to an emergency as a first responder. The Pocket IFAK includes everything that could stop a massive bleed or pack a wound. Snake Staff and North American Rescue collaborated to provide contents inside this IFAK with medical gear that has saved lives on the battlefield and at home. The Pocket Protector IFAK includes NAR Medical Gloves, Combat Gauze, and (2) Chest seals.

Below is the product description for the Pocket Protector EDC IFAK from Snake Staff and North American Rescue.

Product Description

Everyone should be carrying a tourniquet on them, but that’s only going to stop the bleeding on limbs . . . what about the torso? The Pocket Protector EDC IFAK includes the essentials to plug or seal a serious penetrating injury (gunshot, stab, or foreign wound) until the ambulance arrives. We collaborated with North American Rescue on this IFAK. The contents are tried-and-true products that have saved lives on the battlefield and at home.

If you can carry a smartphone, you can take this mini EDC IFAK. Perfect for civilians, personal protection, undercover work, or low-vis operations, we designed this for concealment, but the small size makes it easy to carry as a pass-out kit for Military or LE for civilian aid. You can fit about 40 of these little guys in a backpack for a mass casualty event.

Includes instructions and a QR code linking to an emergency walk-through video on how to apply the items.


• Jeans, duty or operational pants (Can be used as pass-out first aid kit)

• Concealed carry fanny pack or sidebar

• Various plate carrier or belt rifle mag pouches and danglers

• Can be placed under weapon stock with the sleeve for retention


1X NAR Medical Gloves

1X Wound Packing Gauze for core or Optional Quick Clot Gauze

2X Hyfin Compact Chest Seals for entrance & exit wounds

The Pocket Protector EDC IFAK by Snake Staff Systems and North American Rescue are available now. The mini IFAK retails for $21.99, making it a reasonable addition to anyone’s EDC setup.

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