Sons Of Liberty Gunworks Introduces The Liberty Two Stage Trigger (L2S)


By Drew Bryant
June 8th, 2024,

Sons of Liberty Gunworks (SOLGW) has introduced their latest offering to the market: the Liberty Two Stage Trigger (L2S) for the AR-15 platform. The Liberty trigger from SOLGW seeks to answer the question, “Which two-stage trigger should I use for my build?” By potentially offering the best two-stage trigger on the market, SOLGW aims to provide an optimal solution for shooters.

The L2S features a hybrid straight/curved trigger shoe with softly rounded edges and full-power springs. The Liberty trigger provides a clear and distinct wall on the first stage, followed by a clean and crisp break on the second with an overall 4.5 trigger pull. This trigger is designed to excel in self-defense, competition, or duty rifles.

All components of the Liberty Two Stage Trigger are precision machined, polished, and DLC-coated, and are part of SOLGW’s Precision Series and Signature Series of rifles.

The Sons of Liberty Gunworks Liberty trigger is available now and ready to be installed in the rifle of your choice. It comes with a lifetime warranty, retails for $149.99, and is available on SOLGW’s website.

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