Sound Suppression Redefined: Surefire’s SOCOM RC3 and Its Low Back Pressure Design


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By Drew Bryant
October 19th, 2023,

Surefire is known for building some of the industry’s most rugged and reliable suppressors on the market. The RC2 and RC2 mini are the benchmark other suppressors manufacturers try to meet. Over the years, the RC2 series has been trusted by SF operators, law enforcement, and civilians worldwide for its unmarried performance. The company looks forward to continuing that lineage with its next generation of suppressors. Surefire proudly announces the next generation of suppressor technology, the SOCOM RC3.

The SOCOM RC3 is Surefire’s next-generation suppressor that will feature a low back-pressure (LBP) design. The engineering team at Surefire took decades of experience in innovation with materials and manufacturing techniques to conduct the most extensive flow-through dynamics study to date. This new design allowed Surefire to create a suppressor that has 60% less toxic gas back into the shooter’s face when compared to the RC2. The new LBP design eliminates explosive flash from the first to last round, reducing the shooter’s signature even more. The new RC3 reduces sound, flash, and dust signatures from a shooter for increased warfighter survivability and a more pleasant shooting experience.

Below are the product description and features of the SOCOM RC3 from Surefire.

Product Description

Choose The Ultimate Combat Suppressor. The SureFire SOCOM556-RC3 suppressor combines decades of SureFire innovation in materials and manufacturing techniques with the most extensive flow dynamics study in history. The result of exclusive parametric modeling and multi-variable aerospace software research on advanced supercomputers, the RC3 is a gamechanger in modern suppressor technology. Its low back pressure design results in 60% less toxic gas in the shooter’s face (compared to SOCOM556-RC2) for a safer shooting experience, a cleaner firearm, and superior recoil control while retaining unmatched flash reduction.

The RC3 is the next-generation in combat suppressors, delivering extreme reliability and accuracy with minimal impact and consistent impact shift in a lightweight, low-profile design that minimizes added length and bulk so you can maintain firearm maneuverability when you need it.

The RC3’s class-leading suppression also protect hearing and improve your ability to communicate in high-stress environments. Inconel construction and delivers the combat-proven durability that established SureFire’s SOCOM suppressor legacy. The SOCOM556-RC3 is made in the U.S.A.


• 60% less toxic gas in the operator’s face, providing a cleaner and more controlled shooting experience

• Eliminates explosive flash common with low back pressure from the first round fired to the last

• Fast-Attach® design allows fast, secure, easy attachment and removal without tools

• Backward compatible with SureFire SOCOM Fast-Attach® muzzle devices

• Compact design maintains firearm maneuverability

• Class-leading sound suppression protects hearing and improves ability to communicate

• Durable Inconel construction delivers long service life

• Proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

The Surefire SOCOM RC3 seeks to be a game-changer and disruptor in the LBP market that was originally introduced by OSS now HUXWRX with its Flow Through Technology. The new RC3 from Surefire is available now and retails for $1,799 MSRP with the inclusion of the $200 tax stamp it will set you back a little over $2000. For more on the RC3 and on other Surefire suppressors, click here.

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