Springer Precision Unleashes R2 Front Co-Witness Optics Mount For The P320


By Drew Bryant
March 29th, 2024, theloadoutblog.com

Springer Precision, renowned for crafting high-quality aftermarket parts for CZ, SIG SAUER, and Smith & Wesson pistols, is proud to unveil its latest innovation: the new R2 Front Co-Witness Mount for the P320 platform.

The R2 mounting plate offers a seamless co-witness solution that incorporates the rear sight as part of the optic plate, allowing shooters to retain backup sights on their SIG pistol. It is important to note that the R2 mount is not compatible with slides that have a rear dovetail sight integrated into the slide, such as the Pro Cut slide.

SIG M17 R2 Cut Slide

Compatible with R2 cut slides like the M17, M18, and the X5 Legion, the R2 mount is specifically designed to accommodate optics such as the Delta Point Pro, Romeo 1 Pro, and the Romeo 2, while still allowing integration of a rear sight which would otherwise be lost.

Below are the key features of the R2 Co-Witness Mount from Springer Precision.

Key Features

• One piece optic mount that has a built in fiber optic rear sight

• Includes a Dawson Precision fiber optic front sight

• Extra .040″ fiber optic included to change color

• All appropriate hardware is included to properly mount your optic

The R2 co-witness mount is now available on Springer Precision’s website, retailing for $135. For more information on the R2 mount and Springer’s other options, click here.

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