Strike Industries Unveils New Strike P365 Enhanced Grip Module For Pre-Order

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By Drew Bryant
March 8th, 2024,

Strike Industries is renowned for pushing the boundaries of design and functionality in AR-15 and pistol parts, proudly introduces the highly anticipated Strike P365 Enhanced Grip Module.

Available for pre-orders, the new grip module for the SIG P365 platform is compatible with all P365 FCUs, including those with a manual safety. Engineered by Strike Industries, this grip module features an increased palm swell, an undercut on the trigger guard, and deep scallop cuts on both sides of the grip, providing enhanced grip leverage and ergonomics for the shooter. Below, is the product description providing the complete rundown on the new Strike Enhanced Grip Module

Product Description

Introducing the Strike Enhanced Grip Module for the SIG P365. If you’ve been tired of the OEM SIG grip that came with your P365 we’ve got just the thing for you. The Strike Enhanced Grip Module works with all P365 FCU’s including manual safety versions as well!

This grip module comes with an increased palm swell, an undercut for the middle finger, texturing on all sides of the grip, and a deep scallop cut on both sides of the grip for the shooting hand’s thumb and finger — all to create fantastic ergonomics.

Borrowing from common aftermarket upgrades that gun owners do to Glock frames, we added a very small, but effective gas pedal area (Dynamic Control™) on both sides of the grip with staggered steps that go deeper into the grip which surrounds a stippled area that comes as standard straight from our factory to help with recoil management.

There are 2 picatinny rail slots in case you want to add a weapon light or a laser as well. Last but not least, is the built-in flared magwell to help with ease of speedy reloads. Although you can clearly see it there, the built-in magwell also does not significantly increase the chance of printing when being carried IWB. The Strike P365 Grip does already come with our mag release button straight out of the box too.

Please note that with the Strike P365 Enhanced Grip Module, this is most similar to the size of a Sig P365 X Grip – meaning that ours can take the P365 X/XL 10, 12, 15, AND the 17rd magazines.

Upgrade your daily carry experience with Strike Enhanced Grip Module for the P365. 

Upgrade your SIG P365 with the Strike Enhanced Grip Module, now available for pre-order. With an MSRP of $45, this innovative accessory from Strike Industries promises to elevate your shooting experience with enhanced ergonomics and functionality. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your daily carry setup – pre-order yours today!

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