Surefire Launches The Stiletto Pro II


By Drew Bryant
March 14th, 2024,

The Surefire Stiletto Pro was celebrated for its slim, convenient design, making it a favorite among everyday carry and CCW users. Now, Surefire unveils the evolved Stiletto Pro II.

This latest iteration boasts a slim profile with enhanced capabilities, offering increased candela for extended visibility in the dark. Retaining the ergonomic design of its predecessor, the Stiletto Pro II is easily drawn and activated with one hand from a pocket, bag, or purse.

With a hybrid optic beam, the Stiletto Pro II delivers a powerful 1,500 lumens, featuring a brighter centralized beam pattern for extended distance illumination. The remaining light surrounding the beam ensures awareness of immediate surroundings, supported by 35,000 candela for long-distance illumination.

Versatility is key with the Stiletto Pro II, offering 500 lumen medium output and a 25 lumen low output to tackle various tasks. The primary switch can be programmed for customized activation sequence.

Constructed from mil-spec hard anodized aluminum, the Stiletto Pro II ensures durability even in harsh conditions. Responsive buttons offer tactile feedback, allowing for instant activation through the primary switch or tactical tail switch, the latter activating the strobe feature for disorienting potential threats.

Equipped with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, the Stiletto Pro II comes with a USB-C charging cable for convenient charging, ensuring the light is always ready for use.

The Stiletto Pro II represents the next evolution in the Stiletto series, providing users with a rugged yet slim design, with enhanced lumens and candela for clear visibility in all conditions. Available now on Surefire’s website, the Stiletto Pro II retails for $379 MSRP. Explore more flashlight solutions from Surefire by clicking here.

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