Surefire Unveils New XR1 Handgun Light

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By Drew Bryant
March 11th, 2024,

Surefire, renowned for its excellence in producing top-tier flashlights and weapon-mounted lights (WML), proudly introduces the XR1, its latest rechargeable WML.

Designed for compact handguns tailored for concealed carry, the XR1 combines a compact form factor with a powerful LED white light. Its rechargeable feature eliminates the hassle of purchasing batteries, enhancing convenience for users.

Constructed with an aluminum body capable of enduring rigorous recoil, the XR1 emits 800 lumens of brightness. Surefire’s parabolic reflector technology ensures a smooth and rounded beam of light, optimizing visual awareness in the intended direction.

Featuring a quick-detached lithium polymer battery, the XR1 allows for easy recharging without removing the light from the weapon. Simply remove the B13 battery and charge it using the included CH22 battery charging cradle.

The XR1 also boasts a new rail mounting system with four points of contact for enhanced redundancy, ensuring secure mounting to your pistol.

Below, are the key features of the Surefire XR1.

Key Features

• Our most powerful rechargeable handgun WeaponLight for concealed-carry users

• Dual recoil-proof LEDs generate 800 lumens downrange with ample spill light, so you see where you’re aiming while maintaining situational awareness

• Quick-detach battery can be swapped without removing the body from the host weapon

• Ultra-lightweight, extremely compact, low-profile design increases low-light capabilities and maintains weapon concealability and handling, providing confidence and security for Universal-railed mid-size handgun users

• Dual LEDs deliver 800 lumens of intense white light shaped by SureFire’s parabolic reflector technology; ideal for positive target identification at short- to medium-range distances, delivering a bright central beam and ample spill light

• Proprietary quick-detach, rechargeable lithium polymer battery provides fast and easy battery swaps without removing the XSC from the host weapon

• SureFire’s reliable switching provides momentary-on or constant-on modes

The Surefire XR1 stands as a modern and compact WML designed for concealed carry, offering exceptional light and clarity in its compact form factor. Available now on Surefire’s website, the XR1 retails for $449 MSRP. Explore the XR1 and Surefire’s other products for unparalleled performance and reliability.

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