Tradition Meets Innovation: Stag Arms Introduces The Pursuit Bolt Action Rifle


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By Drew Bryant
October 22nd, 2023,

Photos are from Stag Arms website

Over the last few years, Stag Arms has been a surging force permeating through the firearms industry. During this time, Stag has been diligently building a reputation for producing high-quality, rugged, and reliable AR-15s. Now, Stag Arms is stepping into the highly competitive bolt action market. Stag Arms is proud to introduce its newest product, the Pursuit Bolt Action rifle.

The new Pursuit bolt action rifle is a blend of tradition and innovation that merges to create a thoughtful and purpose-driven rifle. The engineering team at Stag Arms has meticulously engineered and designed a bolt-action rifle to deliver an unprecedented shooting experience for the end user. Stag collaborated with experienced precision shooters and hunters and incorporated that knowledge into the Pursuit series. This rifle was designed to shift the paradigm and push the boundaries of what a factory bolt gun can accomplish with unparalleled precision and build quality.

Precision Craftsmanship

The Pursuit was crafted with painstaking precision that showcases a free-floating barrel that guarantees sub-MOA accuracy, paired with a Trigger Tech Primary trigger. This combination empowers hunters and marksmen to deliver pinpoint accuracy, even at extended ranges. Whether your aim is set on game in sprawling fields, navigating dense woodlands, or challenging steel targets a mile distant, the Stag Arms Pursuit Bolt Gun minimizes room for error, enhancing the likelihood of a precise, definitive shot.


Whether you’re on the trail of sizable game, targeting varmints, or enjoying a day at the shooting range, there’s a Pursuit Bolt Gun configuration to suit your requirements. Thanks to its modular design and an array of attachment points, customization is a breeze, enabling hunters and shooters to incorporate accessories like optics, bipods, or suppressors to personalize it to their liking and unique style. Furthermore, the AR10-style toolless takedown stock simplifies transportation and storage.

Rugged & Dependable

In the realm of bolt-action rifles, durability, and reliability stand as paramount virtues, and the Stag Arms Pursuit Bolt Gun unquestionably excels in both domains. Forged from top-tier materials and boasting a sturdy construction, it stands unwavering against the challenges of diverse weather conditions. In demanding situations, hunters and shooters can place their steadfast trust in the Pursuit Bolt Gun, assured of its unwavering and flawless performance.

Stag Arms’ latest creation, the Pursuit, presents an impeccably designed, accurate, modular, and resilient platform as an excellent foundational bolt gun adaptable to individual preferences. It’s offered in both .308 and 6.5 CM, offering shooters an additional layer of customization. The Pursuit is currently available with an MSRP of $1,899.99. For more information about the Pursuit lineup and other Stag Arms rifles, click here.

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