Unity Tactical Unveils The New Fast MRDS Optic Mount

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By Drew Bryant
July 31st, 2023, theloadoutblog.com

The Unity Tactical FAST optic Mount has been one of the company’s most successful products since its release. The FAST mount raises the height of the optic to 2.26” to optical centerline, which aids in heads up shooting and granting the shooter more situational awareness. Unity Tactical has recently unveiled the FAST MDRS optic mount. The MDRS mount along users to mount various pistol red dots to their rifles. This done in conjunction with optic adapter plate. The FAST MDRS is compatible with the following footprints: Trijicon RMR, Delta Point Pro, ARCO, 509T, and Holosun K.

Below is the product description for the Unity FAST MRDS optic.

Product Description

The FAST™ MRDS mount, in conjunction with the Optic Adapter Plates in the FAST™ Modular Accessory Suite, brings compatible micro red dot sights to the established FAST™ height of 2.26″ to optical centerline. This includes micro red dot sights with any of the following footprints: RMR®, DeltaPoint® Pro, ACRO®, 509T, RMSc and Holosun™ K.

It comes standard with a two cross bolt rail clamp or can be retrofitted with the FAST™QD (Quick Detach) Lever. With exception to the Leupold® DeltaPoint® Pro, it is also compatible for use with the line of FAST™ FTC magnifier mounts.

FAST™ is a series of optic mounting solutions that provides end users with a quicker sight picture than standard height mounts. FAST™ mounts create a 2.26” optical centerline from the rail, which allows for more rapid visual processing of the battlefield by ensuring an ergonomically correct heads-up posture. Further, they provide faster and easier dot/reticle acquisition while wearing night vision goggles, protective masks, plate carriers and other gear.

NOTE: The FAST™ MRDS is NOT compatible with the FAST™ Optic Adapter Plate with an Aimpoint® Micro footprint.

The FAST MRDS is available on Unity Tactical’s website. The mount is available in black and FDE. The MRDS retails for $152 on the company’s website. For more on Unity Tactical’s mounts or other products, click here.

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