Unveiling the AM-15 Dissipator: Anderson Manufacturing’s Retro-Inspired Carbine

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By Drew Bryant
June 27th, 2023, theloadoutblog.com

Earlier this year at NRAAM 2023, Anderson Manufacturing quietly unveiled their Dissipator Carbine. The new carbine was also showcased at Primary Arms Range 2023. At both events, this retro-inspired carbine stole the show. Recently, Anderson Manufacturing announced the official release of the Anderson Dissipator Carbine.

Below is a brief look at the history of the Dissipator carbine and the product description of Anderson’s new Dissipator.

Brief Look At The History of The Dissipator

The Dissipator Carbine is a unique firearm that emerged in the realm of firearms development during the late 20th century—conceptualized initially and popularized by firearms designer J.D. Jones, in the 1980s, the Dissipator Carbine aimed to offer a compact and versatile weapon with enhanced accuracy. This innovative design blended elements of both the rifle and carbine, garnering significant attention within the firearms community.

The Dissipator Carbine featured a shortened barrel, typically around 16 inches in length, providing a balance between maneuverability and range. However, what set it apart was the incorporation of a rifle-length gas system. This longer gas system allowed a smoother operation and reduced recoil, improving accuracy and follow-up shot capabilities. The extended handguard covered the lengthened gas system, which not only enhanced the rifle’s appearance but also offered additional grip and stability. Though the Dissipator Carbine gained recognition for its unique design and potential advantages, its popularity eventually waned as alternative configurations and designs emerged in the firearms market, catering to different preferences and evolving tactical needs. Nevertheless, the Dissipator Carbine remains an intriguing piece of firearms history, showcasing the ingenuity and experimentation within the firearms community during its era.

Product Description

AM-15 Dissipator

From the battleground to the forefront, this rifle answers the question: ‘What would have happened if the original chopped M16 made it all the way to the A4 generation?’”

Anderson’s modern take on a classic, the AM-15 Dissipator, delivers an extraordinarily smooth recoil impulse and optimal sight radius. You get the benefits of a rifle-length gas system in a lighter, more compact package.

In modern firearms, the Anderson AM-15 Dissipator stands as a testament to the evolution and innovation of the Dissipator Carbine concept. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, this cutting-edge firearm combines the compactness of a carbine with the enhanced accuracy of a rifle-length gas system. Whether for sport shooting or tactical applications, the Anderson AM-15 Dissipator delivers versatile and reliable performance. I’m pleased to inform you that this exceptional firearm is now available on the Anderson website, and it can be yours for the retail price of $599.99. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of firearms history while embracing the advancements of the present day. Visit their website today and elevate your shooting experience with the Anderson AM-15 Dissipator.

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