Vortex Optics Releases The New Defender-ST Red Dot Sight

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By Drew Bryant
February 20th, 2024, theloadoutblog.com

Vortex Optics introduces the Defender-ST, its newest micro red dot. The new Defender shares many similarities with the smaller Defender-CCW but features the larger delta point footprint. This new model isn’t limited to handguns; it’s also a great option for shotguns and can serve as an offset sight when used in conjunction with an LPVO. Let’s explore what the Defender-ST has to offer.

Constructed from 7075 Aluminum, the Defender-ST boasts a robust build quality capable of withstanding the rigors of everyday use. The ST model incorporates Vortex’s Fast-Rack system, offering a 6-MOA or 3-MOA dot, 8 brightness settings, 2 night vision settings, and a motion-activated red dot. The Defender-ST operates on a 2032 battery, which is top-loaded for easy replacement without removing the optic.

Here’s the product description of the Defender-ST from Vortex Optics:

Product Description

Struggling to find a red dot that excels across all your firearms? Vortex® hears you. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the new Defender-ST™. It’s the versatile micro red dot designed for every scenario – from your handgun to your shotgun, paired with a carbine, or piggybacked on your AR’s LPVO.

Whether you’re running drills at the range or meeting the demands of duty use, the Defender-ST™ is ready whenever and wherever you are. Rugged and reliable? Absolutely. Large sight window? You got it. Motion-activation and an adjustable brightness dot ensure superior target acquisition, adaptability in all lighting conditions, and faster follow-up shots.

The Vortex Defender-ST is available now and comes in either a 6-MOA or 3-MOA red dot, as mentioned earlier. The new Defender-ST will retail for $469 MSRP. For more information on the new ST and Vortex’s other products, click here.

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