Walther Unveils PDP Steel Frame In Full Size And Compact Verisons

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By Drew Bryant
January 18th, 2023, theloadoutblog.com

This week, Walther Arms announced the newest introduction to the PDP family with the PDP Steel frame in full-size or compact options. The new PDP Steel frames will feature aggressive front and rear slide serrations, Walther’s Performance Duty Trigger (PDT), and optics ready to mount your red dot of choice. The show’s star is Walther’s expertly crafted and well-balanced Steel Frame. The steel frame PDPs will be available in full size with a 4.5” barrel, and the Compact has a 4” inch barrel. Below are the product details and features of the new PDP Steel Frame pistols.

Product Description


A masterpiece meticulously designed to shatter performance boundaries and
redefine precision, the steel frame’s ability to endure the harshest conditions makes it a steadfast companion for countless years of service.

The precision-machined steel frame, along with its substantial weight, significantly tames recoil while delivering a level of smoothness in every shot that’s second to none. Whether you’re looking for lightning-fast follow-up shots or laser-like accuracy, the PDP Steel Frame takes your shooting to the next-level.

Featured capabilities of the PDP Steel Frame:

● Performance Duty Trigger: A distinct, recognizable feel for repeatable accuracy that will maximize
confidence with every shot.
● Optics Ready: Whether you’re a fan of red dots, holographic sights, or others, you can easily adapt and
customize to your preference and optimize your experience.
● Magazine Capacity: Ensures ample firepower for added confidence in critical situations with 15 or 18-
or 18-round magazine capacity. Compact: Three (3) 15-round capacity magazines included
● Wrap-Around Grips: The ergonomic wrap-around grips provide a comfortable and secure hold,
enhancing your ability to stay on target, shot after shot.
● Barrel Length: Available in both full size (4.5-inch) and compact (4-inch) for unwavering stability and
consistent control.

The Walther PDP Steel Frame elevates the shooting experience and takes performance to the next level.

The PDP Steel Frame seeks to refine and accentuate the shooting experience to the next level by providing a focused and well-balanced pistol. That is capable of excelling in any role the end user may have for it. Stay tuned for more about the PDP Steel Frame at Shot Show 2024.

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