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Many of you know that I do not watch the news, typically I have no idea what is going on in the country or even my own state outside of a 20 mile radius.  I had no idea a hurricane hit Florida recently until told so (obviously sorry for their plight and loss), quite frankly it is liberating.  Yet…I do have close friends who pay attention to or even make a living out of analyzing current events and one of those happens to be: Nuclear War.  I’m not totally spun up on this (what can I say, I had wood to cut and brakes to change on my vehicle)  so I had to google it. The latest is quoted here from Business Insider.

Much of the focus as of late has been on the risk of Russian President Vladimir Putin using a nuclear weapon in Ukraine in a desperate move to change his army’s fortunes on the battlefield, but the Russian leader has also directed warnings at the US and NATO. While the risk of tensions between the US and Russia escalating to open conflict and nuclear war is low, the threat exists.

I’m a prepper, obviously and for me to state that Nuclear War is not something I’m worried about seems a little ridiculous, right?  I sort of view it as, should I be worried about getting shot point blank by an M1 Abrams?  Should I worry about an Asteroid hitting the earth?  Should I worry about a massive unexpected heart attack dropping me mid step while I cruise through the local supermarket?  All of these scenarios are so extreme, so far to the end of the spectrum I typically don’t worry about them.  Do I want them to happen?  Absolutely not.  Do I care?  Absolutely not.

Reconciling Your Own Death

I have a great friend who spent much of his adult life overseas running missions for America, dangerous missions and how he survived none of us will ever know.  He is incredibly forward about death, the possibility of it and how he dealt with it.  He told me that every time he went out he packed his kit neatly as possible as if he would not come back.  He said that you had to be comfortable with the fact that you might or probably would die, otherwise you would hesitate and someone else would die.

All of us are going to die.  It does not mean that we cannot live a fantastic life with those who we love but we must be comfortable with this undisputable fact.  If it comes today, tomorrow, 20 years from now, 50 years from now, it’s coming.  I think being comfortable with the shortness of life on earth (with respect to the timeline of earth) knowing where our true eternity lies gives all of us comfort with respect to passing through this life to the next reality.

It’s Not The Biggest Threat

I’ve written about preparedness for over 10 years.  High probability / Low Impact threats versus Low Probability / High Impact threats.  Think about where you live in the country and what your disposition is, what are the major threats in your area?  Wildfires, snowstorms, earthquakes, shortages of food or water?  These happen every year and in cycles, to the point where you should know these threats and be prepared to address them.  This versus the Low Prob / High Impact stuff like Solar Flares, EMPs, Nuclear War.  This is stuff that would be totally catastrophic, millions would die, life as we know it would be over.  Things that you could prepare for but might not even survive to live through.  Perspective is everything, a level head is everything, having all the guns / ammo / food in the world doesn’t guarantee that a bacterial infection won’t end life for a loved one.

Nothing is as BAD or as GOOD as it seems

We as a populace tend to get spun up.   Covid, Ebola, this and that war, economic collapse, next thing you know credit cards are maxed out buying supplies and there you sit 5 years later…still in debt and T-SHTF hasn’t happened.  My same friend who I mentioned earlier in this post also gave me this advice: nothing is ever as good or as bad as it seems, that’s why we wake up the next morning with a new perspective.  It’s super easy to go down the black hole of news media related to Nuclear War, articles and Youtube and blogs…next thing you know you’ll be laying in bed shaking and hoping for the bad man to go away, someone from the government to save you. That’s no way to live, freedom comes with a price and we should all be happy and privileged to pay it.

Control what you can

The article I quoted above mentions Putin and Russia, tell me what exactly you are going to do about that.  The answer is nothing.  Call your Congressman?  Laughable.  Write letters?  Who reads those. Vote?  I’m skeptical.  I’m not saying those aren’t viable moves but how about working your own area of operations, continuing to prep your personal battlefield (it’s a phrase).  What community connections have you made?  How are your preps and skills doing?  If the worst case happens what are your planned and rehearsed 1st, 2nd and 3rd courses of action?  Control what you can.

The Bottom Line

If a nuke fell out of the sky right now and vaporized me I suppose I’d be good with it because…I’d probably feel nothing and those who knew (or those who didn’t know me) would go on living their own lives.  In the chance that all out war happened and I did survive, I would do my best given my situation and continually adjust from there.  Nuclear War is absolutely something that should be a consideration in the prepper mindset but it should not take over the mindset or your way of life.  Free your mind, accept what you can and cannot control, know that help might not be around the corner and more importantly…live your life to the best of your ability.



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