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I used to work for this guy who had Fox News on repeat, all day long in his office.  When I asked him about it his rationale was that he “needed to stay informed.”  I also have worked in Ops Center type environments where the news cycle was on 24/7/365 and I always hated it.  Please tell me what the next thing I should be worried about is and oh by the way, the thing that I have no control over also.  Riding the emotional rollercoaster of the news cycle is no way to live.  When you think about it, what sells?  Mundane, day to day stuff or click bait, high emotion, divisive and even anger inducing stuff?  Networks need views and they aren’t getting those by telling you to just relax, it will all work out.  Ever watch someone go nuclear after seeing something outrageous on the evening news?  “THIS IS CRAZY!!!”  The proceeds to log onto FB and write a rant while linking to the story.  Hook, line, sinker…

I found out about this Israel situation when my sister texted me, same with the origins of the Ukraine situation.  A few weeks ago I got another text: “Hey I know you don’t watch the news but mass shooting etc.”  I had no idea the World Series was on until I went to eat this past week and the TV was on in their bar area.  I do watch TV but enjoy documentaries on Netflix or similar.  I have found that avoiding media and news outlets allows me to focus more on the actual things within the span on my control.

What About Being Informed?

I view it like this: If it matters enough and warrants paying attention to someone in my immediate circle is going to let me know about it.  If that doesn’t happen I guess I’ll figure it out along the way and make it work.  I could see how one might view that as irresponsible, I know for a fact many preppers are absolutely GLUED to daily headlines from various outlets and bounce from emotion to emotion while sharing with their circle.  “Can you believe this just happened!  Outrageous!”  Why do you think reaction type videos are so popular on YouTube these days?  It’s because they are REACTION videos, meant to solicit emotion and outrage and thus create more clicks, shares, follows and ultimately generate more revenue for the channel.  You see how this always circles back to money?  Funny how that works.

Truth be told the only reason I have the outlook I do is because when I started this blog and even at the beginning of Covid I too was one of those news addicts.  What’s happening, headlines by the hour, it was toxic for me and I had to let it go.  Being informed had nothing to do with it and I’m a firm believer in that.

Span of Control

I have no idea what is going on in the news this weekend but I do know what I personally have going on:  Bucking up 3 cord of wood to split next week, going to the gym, smoking a pork shoulder, cleaning out the water fountain in the front of my home, taking a load of crap to the waste facility.  Now how exactly would me sitting on the couch and most likely getting outraged at some well crafted “story” help with any of that?  It wouldn’t.

The Bottom Line

I believe that one of my greatest strengths and strategic positioning in life has hurt other parts of my life, not exactly related to preparedness.  I live in the mountains by choice with my dog, I try to live life simply and prefer to spend time alone up here or going on walks or a host of other activities that I can do alone (read: also not watching the news).  While I sometimes take a laissez-faire approach to the world (still very proactive with preparedness) it does impact my ability to have meaningful relationships.

Back on topic, give yourself a break from the news cycle and I think that you’ll thank me for it.  When you consider what you could gain versus lose, it’s really an easy choice.  Cheers.

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