XS Sights Releases Second Generation R3D 2.0 Tritium Sights & New Minimalist Night Sights


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By Drew Bryant
October 1st, 2023, theloadoutblog.com

XS Sights have built a reputation for making affordable, dependable, and rugged iron sights for the Glock, SIG, FN, Springfield Armory, M&P series of pistols. Not resting on their success of their original sights, engineers and designers at XS Sights went back to the drawing board to create better iron sights for the end user. XS Sights is proud to announce the R3D 2.0 Tritium Sights and their new Minimalist Night Sights.

Below is the press release from XS Sights on the new R3D 2.0 Tritium Sights and the Minimalist Night Sights.

Press Release

Fort Worth, Texas (September 12, 2023) – XS® Sights now offers its new, second-generation R3D 2.0 and Minimalist tritium night sights in standard and suppressor-height for select SIG SAUER, Springfield Armory, and FN pistols.

R3D 2.0 Tritium Night Sights

These new and improved second-generation tritium self-defense sights are brighter, stronger, and even easier to install than the original R3D models. Designed for improved speed and accuracy in any light, the R3D 2.0 features a notch and post design with two rear tritium dots and a high-contrast, Orange or Green dual-illuminated Glow Dot front sight that is wider than many on the market at 0.145”. The Glow Dot’s self-luminous tritium vile glows in low or no light for 12 years and is surrounded by XS’ proprietary photoluminescent dot material that absorbs ambient light to glow in low light. This makes the front sight brighter than the two rear tritium dots and, combined with the wide notch, provides more visible indexing for increased precision and accuracy.

R3D 2.0 improvements over the Gen-1 models include:

• Bigger and brighter rear tritium dots

• PVC rings surround the rear tritium dots for a more defined edge to improve sight picture and differentiate the front and rear sights

• EasyPress features eliminate the need for filing and hammering and reduce the force needed for installation by up to 50%.

• BlackNitride finish with double the corrosion resistance of the original black oxide surface treatment for increased durability.

Retail Price: $131.99 Standard Height,  $142.99 Suppressor Height

Minimalist Night Sights

The Minimalist Night Sights are equipped with a self-illuminating tritium, Orange or Green Glow Dot front sight and serrated, anti-glare, non-tritium rear sight. Designed to be as minimalist as possible, this sight drives focus to the front sight. The dual-illuminated Glow Dot front sight features a self-luminous tritium vile surrounded by XS’ proprietary photoluminescent Glow Dot that absorbs ambient light to glow in low light. The pairing ensures the front sight will glow brightly in low light and contrast well against the blacked-out rear in bright light conditions.

Retail Price: $59.99 Standard Height, $69.99 Suppressor Height

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